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My best friend has told me that she forces herself to vomit after eating meals (not every meal) or sometimes even snacking, she said she may buy a snack knowing full well that once she eats it she will purge herself. It's only been happening for the last 2 months but she said it happened for a while last year, and that she stopped for a while and is now doing it again. I believe she has Bulimia, but am unsure how to tell her. My main question is if she actually does have Bulimia, having only been doing it for the past 2 months. And if she does, how do I address it? Any and all comments are extremely helpful. Thank you.

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  • Hi yes its sounds like she has bulimia, I know you would like to help your friend but its down to her to ask for help, you can tell her that if she ever needs to talk that she can come to you and that you will be there for her

  • She doesn't think it's serious and that's what I'm struggling with

  • I was exactly the same I was in denial for a long time about having bulimia but then one day I began to accept that I was ill and even though I am in recovery I still can't accept how serious it is , I know you must be finding this hard but just be there for her

  • So I'm not supposed to do anything? Surely there's something I can do?

  • Unless she asks for help there is not much you can do, you could always speak to a self help line or get in touch with self help groups to get some advice

  • Your friend seems to have an inkling she may have a problem - as she has shared this with you - however, she is the one who is going to need to ask for professional support. I would suggest perhaps that you contact Anorexia & Bulimia Care and ask for leaflet aabout Bulimia - perhaps by handing this on to her she may become more aware herself that she needs help.

  • She's now admitted it's a problem and she says she's going to stop doing it, although she hasn't used the word bulimia to describe her problem

  • Suggest you advise her to go and see her GP - and get professional support and help. Its easy to say you are just going to stop - and in your head that's what you think you can do - but unfortunately in practice doing it alone is extremely hard and in my experience does not usually work out. Sorry to be negative - but I felt honesty was the best course. She obviously values you as a good friend and she's shared her problem with you.

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