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Doing well in recovery but scared when it stops

I've been in recovery now for just under two months and I'm not binging and purging everyday now it's a max of twice a week which is good but they say I've only hot two more sessions left then I'll have to wait to go on to the next stage I'm scared in the time I'm waiting I'll relapse has anyone else had this and managed not to relapse tia x

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Hi, I was petrified of going back to my old ways but with the support of my friends and family I managed to stay on track. Surround yourself with people that love you and it will help! Good luck! X

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I found when I had need to be sick I would go running instead when I felt that bad I'd get my self help book from the library I hope this helps


Hi lalacrewe, yes there was a time when I was in treatment for bulimia and there was a gap between sessions, I too felt scared that I would relapse without the support. I found that keeping a diary on my computer of my thoughts and feelings daily was really helpful and there were times when I had big urges to purge but I tried to use the tools I had been given to distract myself, coming on here will also help and I will be available if you need support. Feel free to pm me and I will get back to you we can work together to make sure you keep on track as long as you feel you have the support you will feel safe which is a big issue. Keep in touch with your feelings and allow them to be expressed through healthy ways. You can do this, you have come this far through hard work and that is important as are you. Keep in contact it would be a pleasure to hear your progress. I am fit and well from bulimia and it is a freedom you will have too. Love and hugs Angelus xx


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