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In need of some wise words

After putting on some weight since moving abroad (a healthy amount, according to my family) I am now beside myself, have changed my eating habits and have been exercising excessively to get back to how I was a few months ago. However I know this is not going to make me happy, and I am in fear of a vicious cycle of weight loss and regain. I feel miserable but I can't seem to get food, weight loss, control off my mind and I can't seem to strike a healthy balance. I have been withdrawing from social situations, as I am so ashamed about how I look, and how I treat food.

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No easy answer...you have to resist the urges to go back to old ways even if it means fighting with yourself every second of every day. 6months I've been going and it's not gotten easier yet!!! It's gotten worse and is horrendous but I'm told it will be worth it.

I read recently it takes mych effort abd strength to maintain an ed. Believe me it takes more to even attempt recovery. It is a case of try and see or stay in tge cycle for the rest of your life.

Also bear in mind it is a journey you will go down the path to recover when yiu realise it is that or die.

Hope that helps



know how you feel - but don't give up. Can you approach your GP to try to access some specialist support - my experience is you do need someone alongside you to support you and advise you and to keep you going. Secondly - I've been told - and you might like to look at Minnesota study on internet - that mentally its the weight gain that allows you to approach things rationally - trouble is getting there - but good luck - don't give up.


Hi, I think it is very brave of you to come on here and ask for help. The first step of acknowledging you are struggling and want to fight anorexia. Are your family able to help be with you at meal times? Try going back to basics by following a meal plan at set times, have the balance of carbs, protein, veg/salad and fats. It is very scary but your brain will get into a routine and so will your body, you need to stay strong and fight the urges anorexia tells you. It is right to be feeding your body, this is the transporter for you to be having a fulfilling life for that you deserve. When the thoughts come remember how much you hate what anorexia does to you...robs you of life, social activities, love and you WILL learn to love some curves. There must be a reason as to why you allowed anorexia (the devil) to surface from your hard work in recovery. Try and think of what made you feel you had no control of and once you can pin point this you can try to resolve this issue and get back on track. I really hope you can find your strength and fight the devil. Please let me know how you are getting on and I am here if you need some extra support. We all stumble through our recovery but as time goes on we can recognise when we are going down and reach out for help to prevent going back to the lonely and miserable existence of anorexia which only leads to illness and death. We all deserve to be healthy and happy and that includes you. I send you love. Sometimes going back to basics is the best way to get through and back our life. xx


Thank you so much Angelus for your response on here! I didn't reply initially because I think I was in so much denial about my situation. But I really appreciate your advice, and after coming on the site today and reading your response again I can see how supportive and useful your advice has been for me. I am feeling much better about myself and have focused on friendships and spending time with people rather than isolating myself with my illness! I think it has been a great distraction and I feel a little bit more comfortable with my weight gain and changing body image. Just wanted to thank you for your insight and give you an update on my situation. I hope you are well too :)


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