i believe i'm bulimic? i haven't been diagnosed, but my doctor seems to think i am?

it started off around year ago? i started off taking laxatives to help me lose weight and then it started to become high doses? around 8 months ago i've started to purge and i seem to purge around 4-5 times a day. at the moment i only eat when i want to purge, the other times im fasting living off low calories drinks and coffee etc

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  • I was excaully the same mine started when I was diagnosed with p.s.t.d syndrome I used to be sick when I was stressed I also used to drink det Coke all day nothing else I did that for 2 whole weeks until my body was so weak I couldn't get out bed so please be aware that it can have really bad side affects some times it helps to talk to someone if you need to chat you can message me

  • thank you x

  • Without knowing more about what is happening to your weight it isn't possible to diagnose you over this forum, but I would say you seem more anorexic than bulimic. Either way, you are seriously dicing with your health - vomiting (I assume that is what you mean by purging), laxative abuse and starving yourself all can have serious health implications, so I would strongly encourage you to see your GP as soon as possible. And, BTW, laxatives have virtually no impact on calorie absorption! Be courageous and visit your GP - you owe it to yourself! Good luck!

  • weight wise i have lost a stone and half within the past 6 weeks. i did used to gain wait from binge eating and then it would make me feel bad and guilty, so i would start fasting etc. um when i first put on weight i put on around 4 stone and now im like losing it v quicky.

  • Hi again. Thinking about it, perhaps trying to pinpoint a specific diagnosis is not the most helpful thing at the moment? Bulimic/anorexic - both are potentially harmful and not the best long term way to manage weight. I would encourage you to get your GP to do baseline blood tests to check how your body is coping with the rapid weight loss and purging, and to talk about treatment options to escape the relentless merry go round of weight loss and regain. Escape is possible!

  • you need to get professional help quickly - go back to your GP and ask that you be referred to a specialist eating disorder centre - anorexia and bulimia can "rotate" - but the purging and lax regime you mention is likely to be damaging your body already - so don't wait - get help now before it develops further.

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