getting obsessed with my weight

im 27 yrs old & have a bmi of 20.i have lost 3 stone in 1 year through change of diet and increased exercise.

i just wanted to be a healthy weight at the start but no my desire to be thin haa gotten out of control. i weigh at least teice a day and measure myself often. if i get really anxious and upset.

i have started to withdraw sociallyto hide my eating habits and spend a lot of my time calculating calories, bmi etc.

when i first stRted to lose weight i aimed to be a healthy bmi of about 21-22. now im 20 & want to be 18.5. i dont know wht im getting do fixated. do you think i could be developing a disorder?

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  • This sounds a very similar story to my daughter's. She is now being treated for anorexia and the psychiatrist has told us that just being v thin can trigger this the brain chemistry reacts to being starved. We caught our daughter early when her bmi was still over 20 and she is stabilused now but by no means well. I encourage you ti seek help from your GP or BEAT right away well done for spotting that you may be in trouble and let us know how u get on especially if ur GP not helpful good luck!!!

  • thanks. your ema addy would be great !

  • Hi MalleyIt does sound as if you are developing an Eating Disorder by your description. Your BMI @ 20 sounds reasonable but you are not satisfied with this and already have a goal of BMI of 18 in mind.


    I am Anorexic have been for years. my BMI was just 12 in 2012 I ended up in Intensive Care with Organ Failure, Septicaemia, respiratory Failure and Sepsis. I was in Hospital for a month and almost lose my life to Anorexia.

    Transferred to Psychiatric Hospital, Specialised High-Risk Eating Disorder for Treatment!!

    It is an insidious,, cruel illness. Anorexia is now controlling my life, as opposed to me being in control!

    I URGE you to seek help before you go down any further!!

    I NEVER thought AN would nearly kill me! I am so miserable and fighting so hard, even after 15 months of Specialised Therapy, which is invasive, emotionally draining, makes me so weak my BMI is still only 14!!

    PLEASE don"t go down the route I went or as low as me. If you do have AN you will NEVER be satisfied with your BMI,AN will control you before you know it!!

    I am on the Fibro Site if you want to get in touch @ anytime?

    In my thoughts and Prayers.

    God Bless Betty Baby

  • Like the others I would urge you to seek help at this stage.

    My anorexia started as a diet too with successive lower goals. I was on my late 40s at the time.. My BMI has never been at a very low level but I have still managed to incur serious physical effects especially osteoporosis (with fractures). I wish I'd stopped at the healthy 20 you are now. It is a low healthy weight.

    Could you get rid of those scales and try to break the habit now.

    Please let us know how you get on



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