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Am I likely to get help?

Hi, I've had what I think is, from reading diagnostics, EDNOS for about a decade. I am thinking of going to the doctors to ask for help. Thing is I've heard that unless you have a dangerously low BMI you don't get help. My BMI is 27 and I'm worried that after all this time I'll go for help only to be told I don't qualify for any. I'm at the end of my tether now, I'm no longer coping and want to get better and stop over-eating and pill taking. What am I likely to encounter if I go to the GP?

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It shouldn't be BMI that matters. But it depends on the derives locally. Where i am its blood test results that influence sped of help. I have had help for bulimia with a BMI similar to yours. They are conceded about eating patterns and influence on your life rather than BMI in bulimia and EDNOS mostly. Choose a Gp who has understanding of mental health issues, if your unsure ask.


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