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I'm currently getting treatment for my eating disorder but I'm struggling so badly I don't want to eat and when I do I can't fight the urge purge, I feel like I'm back at square one and the treatment I am doing is online with workbooks and a phone call once a month it isn't helping can anyone suggest what else I can try I don't want to get worse thanks.

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Really sorry to hear that you are struggling so badly, it does sound like you could do with some more support than you are getting, and wondering whether you could endeavour to find some more in your area. Keep searching, go back to GP, google support groups, therapists, charities in your area, don't give up. Support from several areas can be good not just one. Keep banging on doors until your find what you are looking for....don't give up.

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I am so sorry you are feeling like you are struggling, you must feel very alone in that. My daughter was ill for a long time when she was younger and I know she struggled like you did so much of the time. But I want to encourage you to keep on fighting that urge, bravely take those small steps towards recovery every day - my daughter did, she's really happy these days, and is getting married in August. Life is happy and exciting again for her, and it can be for you too. Keep going, Honey, you can do this! DO find as much support as you can, someone face to face might be even better than online help. xxx

You sound as though you are not getting enough support - the battle is daily and you can't do it by yourself. I don't know if you have got treatment via your GP - but getting involved in a proper programme with specialist ED - where you get much more input from others - not just doing it on-line - also, if involved in a church - could you share this with a prayer team and get support this way - its amazing how many people are aware of EDs today and how supportive they can be. I came through bulimia with the help of others - so don't give up - you can come through.

I did go to my gp and this is what they offered me as it's all there is in my area but I have found out since there is a clinic in the next county but don't know if I can get referred there


Im same... Now fighting too. But brfore u start eating what is ur routine ???

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Drink lots have a fag, keep busy or avoid mealtime altogether

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Did u binge and purge?

I used to daily b/p

And slowly i try to one week b/p lesser.

I onli able to struggle eat normal for 3 days per week or lesser . But at least we are moving . Try to eat and go for a walk .. Things will get better..

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Yes I do and feel really guilty afterwards I did manage to stop it being daily but have slipped bk even being away im still doing it

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U need someone to go thru w u . Jus like i needed too. But i dont have. So don feel sad.., try not to daily. And once u able not to daily. Slowly try cut down b/p one more day . Den again slowly by slowly.

Hey Lala, hang on in there. You are not alone. Big hugs x

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