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My Friend Has Bulimia and She's Getting Worse

Basically, my friend Erin has bulimia, depression, anxiety and probably anorexia nervosa too, but i'm not sure about the second one. Her parents and school know, and she is getting therapy for it. However, in just the past few weeks she has attempted suicide twice, and her bulimia has been getting much much worse. She's been losing loads of weight and she is already incredibly underweight. She never used to throw up at school, but in the last few weeks I've heard her lots of times. I don't want to confront her about it because she will feel like I've betrayed her trust and she will probably get quite angry and defensive. I'm really worried about her and i feel like the counselling isn't working. I don't know her parents, and I'm pretty sure they won't be much help if I told them this as they are pretty useless as far as looking after Erin goes. I feel like I should do something to help her, because she is getting worse and it feels like she might attempt suicide again. I feel useless as a friend, because I really love Erin and she doesn't deserve any of this, and was just wondering if there was anything you would suggest I could do to try and help her. Thanks

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As the father of an anorexic daughter i would say let the parents know. It's their call how they deal with your friend as parents. There is nothing worse than not knowing. Read up on how to help your friend, she will need you. Some dos and donts are contained on my blog tomagcro.com


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