Is it normal to always be cold and tired

I'm currently trying to recover but I'm always so cold and tired some nights I can be fast asleep by 7pm and not wake again til 9-10am the next morning I don't have any energy anymore I can't even spend more than five mins playing with my nephew I even just want to sleep when I'm driving did anyone else get like this and if so how long was it before your energy levels rose also did anyone else feel like there was something heavy laying on their chest when they lay down thanks xxx

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  • Think it probably is normal for anyone who is underweight to feel tired and lacking energy. I certainly find that. But do you find that sleep is also an escape? I do.

  • Being underweight will cause us to feel tired and cold. Your body is trying to recover from a bad experience of being malnourished. Energy needed to repair will take priority so that would mean there's not much to spare for keeping warm and active.

    I think that the point that quotableon raises about sleep being an emotional release is also very valid. I hadn't thought of that before but thinking about my own experience it could be true.

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  • Thank you I do feel like sleep is an escape as I can't feel hunger or have people banging on about food I never thought of it as an escape before xxx

  • Hi, I wanted to say I can totally identify with your experience. I also get tired far earlier in the evening than others and in fact often can't stay awake in the day either. I spent many years freezing cold, and in winter it was awful - despite layers of woolies and a long thick coat, hat, scarf and gloves my body would go rigid and my muscles hurt from the tension. I was irritable and miserable and just wanted to get home as soon as possible and on arriving home would cling to the radiator, thaw out and then feel utterly exhausted and have to sleep. Even eating a yogurt used to make me freeze and then sit in front of the fire. It is awful to be frozen right to the core like that and I sympathise. But i want to offer hope. Last winter which if you remember was very harsh I was at a higher weight - still underweight but much better than I had been. The difference was remarkable and i was astounded. I didn't freeze inside, I didn't tense up when outside, I had energy and wasn't irritable because i was dying to get home all the And I didn't mind venturing out and when I'd come home from shopping I felt energised and happy. Sadly I have since lost some weight but the experience of feeling well like I did is my motivation to get my weight up again. It was fantastic and absolutley worth putting weight on! It can happen for you and is definitley worth the scary hard risk of getting 'bigger'. Another thing - I used to feel so sleepy and tired after meals which was very frustrating and i felt guilty for needing to sleep. but I learned from the E.D hospital that when you are very underweight and eat, the blood and energy in your body goes to your digestive system which makes you feel tired. As you get better that will get better. Also, anorexia is an exhausting illness - your body burning energy trying hard to kepe warm, your mind constantly worrying anxiously about calories, when to eat, how to eat, what to eat, what will happen to your weight, what will people think, am i fat today, am I thin enough?, how do I avoid eating, how shall I exercise etc every minute of the day and the battle of I want to gain weight and be well against no I want to lose weight! My dietician said 'No wonder you are tired battling through each day with all of those thoughts and anxieties!" But I promise you that the more you stick to your meal plan and the healthier in weight you become, all those stressful thoughts and worries will gradually fade away out of your head and and you will start to enjoy a happier and much more free and fulfilling life! Stay strong and look forward. There is always hope - and do write again if you need any support again. So sorry for writing such a long reply, thank you for making it to the end! LOL Rose x

  • It's very insightful thank u rose I find the eating hard I'm so rigid with calorie counting and avoiding meal times especially with my father he always ask the day b4 what I want to eat and we end up arguing over meals but today I did well and agreed to a meal 2mra which is a big step for me xxx

  • I forgot to add - is it very alarming that you are finding you feel sleepy at the wheel of your car. Please please don't drive just now, you are far too ill and I would hate it if you had a crash and you or other people got hurt or worse. Feeling sleepy is just as dangerous as being drunk at the wheel - can you discuss this with anyone? Rose x

  • Not really I need to drive to get to uni as I live where we don't have a bus service today I broke the journey in half which made it abit easier I'm thinking bout asking my tutors if I can do half days and get my dad to take me just till I'm well enough to do a full say and still b able to drive xxx

  • I have an ED and I still am not able to eat. I am on a swim team and I can bearly do it anymore. What do I do?

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