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I guess I haven't posted in a long time. I find it so sad to come on here and read posts of people struggling and I actually forget that I am struggling myself. Today has been a good day. When the good days are so few and far between the good days really mean a lot.. does anyone else get that? I have been struggling with bulimia for around four years now. I have a lot of dark days but when the lightness seeps in it really is a wonderful feeling. So I guess my thoughts of the day is this; hold onto the light and one day it will be the light that we live and no longer the darkness

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  • "hold onto the light and one day it will be the light that we live and no longer the darkness "


  • Is it the crazy ramblings of my good day dream? Haha

  • Not crazy...hopeful :o)

  • It's the most positive and hopeful thing I've read ever on any ed forum. ..such a refreshing change :o)

  • It's easy to let your ED consume everything sometimes and I lately I've just thought you know what I am more than a bulimic. It's nice to spread the hope when you have it I guess!

  • That's just it.'s all consuming and you are trapped and stuck but there has to be hope that there is light and a future...something to fight for. I have to live in hope otherwise I'd have to end it. I think I get it now and know I have to live so I have to fight and be strong but it's draining.

    I don't want to be on forums to reinforce my dodgy ways and trigger me I don't need it... I want to see hope and people fighting to live and survive rather than self destruct. What you wrote was inspiring. know its tough, we all get it, but you were strong enough to suggest a future and a happier one. I've wasted 27yrs too many. Here's to tge light :o)

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