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newbie here looking for advice if possible

hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Long story short i suffered with anorexia through my teen years. with help from my then boyfriend i managed to overcome most of fears and have been as fully recovered as i can be. I only ever eat one or two meals a day and exercise to control my weight.

But my then boyfriend/now husband are in the process of separating and instead of being devestated at this i am delighted i havent eaten anything in 2days. I know this is going to be a downward spiral and I'm supposed to be joining the gym and now terrified of going. I used to over exercise as well as not eat.

Is anyone able to offer advice as to what I can do or who to turn too. I know i dont pass the 'do i have anorexia test' but i know that if i dont get this under control quickly i will spiral. Even now i weigh 7st4 which is considered low for my height but that number just seems so high!

Again im sorry if ive posted in the wrong place, i just dont know where else to turn.

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You have posted just the right place - I think you need to get to your GP and ask for help from professionals who deal with eating disorders. You need to do this quickly before things spiral out of control. I don't want you to feel I'm being critical in any way - but you acknowledge you are underweight yet state you feel you are already overweight - starving and joining a gym suggests the spiral of thought and action has already started - so get help now - don't wait until things reach crisis point. Keep in contact and let us know how you are doing. Good luck - don't let anorexia beat you.


Continue eating ... At least u are eating one to 2 meals . Try to work instead of going to gym make u unhappy .. Work make u stop thinking and oso time pass faster. Now im suffering w anoreixa binge and purge i have determine to wan try eat . But i no encouragement . I even overdose laxative now i seen help no body in mu family is helping mi .


Hi. Seek specialist advice. Get a food plan and stick to it.don let ED take control. Tomagcro


hi thank you for your replies and words of encouragement. it means a lot. i showed my husband my post as i havent felt able to approach a dr or anyone else yet.

I am making myself eat even though it make me feel so sick. I wont let ana get the better off me though. i have a daughter of 9, a very impressionable age so i cannot go down this road.

Can i ask what a food plan is? never had one, my recovery was done without any medical help, dr asked if i wanted to see a pyschologist, i said no and that was it lol.


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