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Has anyone had inpatient treatment despite having a normal BMI? Does anyone know of week long inpatient treatment centres?

My eating disorder is completely taking over my life but i look healthy from the outside and therefore struggle to get it identified as a problem. I'm also struggling to find any qualified in South West/West London to help me, i have an incredibly busy job and can only make evenings. Can anyone help me?

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Cardinal Clinic in Maidenhead may be able to help. They did some good work with my daughter.


It may be worth seeing if there is a BEAT support group available in your area ( This is not professional help but having the support of others with an ED may help.

Have you talked with your GP? I was wondering whether he/she would be happy to refer you to the Mental Health Services if he/she isn't willing to refer you to specialist Eating Disorders place. To be honest I think I have found my counsellor in the general mental health services more helpful than the ED ones. In my area the mental Health people will do telephone counselling in the evenings.


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