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I feel so scared about my bulimia but don't know where to turn :( anyone have any advice?

It's been two years now and I honestly don't feel there's anyone to talk to. My Dad is seriously ill and my sister suffered anorexia a few years back. It was awful to see my Mum struggling with both events and I could never give her another problem to deal with. But I'm scared that I'll suffer cardiac arrest or something if I don't seek help soon :(

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It is scary to not to be able to see a way out of ED. But there are people to talk too. Couple of helplines I found ok in past are 01494 793223 and 03000 111213. Both are ED charities.

Wishing u courage to reach out.

You deserve support too.

Quotableon x

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Do you think you could go and see your GP (on you own?)? He/she will be the only person to give you medical advice if you are at all concerned about cardiac arrests etc. Your GP may be able to point you to the right services in your area too.

The helplines should be able to give you advice as well but obviously to assess medical risk you will need to see a doctor.

It is good you have contacted us here. You sound as if you've had quite a lot to deal with in your family and I really hope you can get some "space" and emotional support that you need.

with best wishes


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Sorry you are having a hard time. It's so good you have reached out for support here. I know it is so hard to go and talk to a G.P, I was shaking this week when I went to do it, but although scary I now feel a sense of relief knowing the problem is not just mine to solve but I have let someone else in on the secret. I am not ready yet to tell my family either so it is possible to find help without having to involve family until you feel ready. I hope you will manage to seek out the help you need it is out there.



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Thanks for support, I really appreciate it. Communication is definitely the key, even if it's only with my doctor at this point. Thanks again x


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