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My eating is completely controlled by calories and a need to eat same/less than my husband - does anyone else continually compare like this?

Anorexic for 30+ years - my husband needs to lose weight - I as a very underweight anorexic of 30+ years need to gain weight. My brain seems to have an automatic calorie counter - and I can't make myself eat more than my husband - so as he's cut back so have I and gradually my weight has slipped downwards. I am trying to recover - but this block of eating the same/less than my husband is preventing changes. Does anyone else struggle like this?

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Yes, really identify with the emotional high and sense of control that eating less than others gives. I have started to address this by identifying the things I am passionate about in life, those things that give me more genuine lasting highs than food restriction. Gradually more of my mental energies are spent thinking about these things than food. It' s a slow process but worth it I feel.

Hope you find a way forward soon.


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