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Getting out of control...Bulimic/Type 1 Diabetic

Basically here's the story (sorry for the length of it) I have been making myself sick for a year and a half now and I remember so clearly the day it started! Was due to go on a night out, felt really fat so did it and lost a few pounds (I know I didn't look any different but I felt better). Back when it started it wasn't all the time but lately it has literally been every day. If I go over my calorie allowance I give myself that day, I binge and purge and can't stop myself. My BMI is like 22/23 so I am not overweight but I feel constantly huge (like obese). Not only that but when I have a stressful day, binging and purging makes me feel so much better. Like a stress relief.

I am also Type 1 Diabetic (Insulin) which is compeltely out of control aswell. But Diabetes to me is associated to fat people. That is what everyone thinks. So having two things to try and control and sort out at once is stressful and hard to do without letting anybody find out and makes the two issues even worse.

I really want to control both of these as I can tell it is making me really ill but I just feel if I go to a doctors they will talk at me not listen to me. They have talked AT me since I was diagnosed as diabetic at the age of 9!!! (I am now 22)

Sorry for the massive rant but it does feel so good to let all your feelings about this out spesh when you have kept it to yourself for years!!! If anyone else has been in this situation a little bit of advice would be GREATLY appreciated!! xx

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You can't beat a good rant! Maybe you need more such outlets for your stress, which might reduce your urge to binge and purge a bit. I suffered from bulimia for many years and had to get really sick of the after effects before I was ready to give up.have you tried writing out a list of the pros and cons? You might surprise yourself with what you come up with if you' re really honest with yourself.


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