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Getting ill from bulimia?

Hi, my girlfriend recently starting throwing up again after meals, but now can't stop throwing up everything she tries to swallow something. She's been very ill the past few days, passing out a few times, has been highly depressed and constantly vomiting. She's really scared and doesn't know how to stop, can anyone offer any advice? Thank you

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My immediate response is to try to get your girlfriend to a doctor asap especially if she can't keep down fluids. Is she prepared to do that. As it is a bank holiday weekend I would take her to A&E or an out of hours doctor.


She's currently working overseas so it's complicated things. It would put a massive financial strain on her and she doesn't want her colleagues knowing, who she would need to go to for medical assistance.


It could be "refeeding syndrome" I have experienced something similar to this. Its where you havent eaten properly in weeks and so when you do actually come to eat, your body rejects it as its in starvation mode. Smoother and softer foods are better.

Hope she feels better soon


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