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Stem cell therapy

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I seem to recall a set of posts a year or two ago where someone with AMN had decided to try stem cell therapy. I fancy it was with a company call CellTex

Does anyone recall this, and, better yet, did any of our US members trek down to Houston to try it?

The reason I ask now I that I was with a friend today who has Parkinson's, and a friend of his, who is a medic in Texas is trying to interest him in trying it. My friend is here in London, UK, so it would be a major investment in time and money, apart from the potential risks.

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I don't think there's any risks with that type of stem cell treatment. I think it's worth it, if it's possible financially. Interested to see how well it treats AMN sufferers.

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SongStream in reply to Djp1989

I believe that it won’t reverse existing symptoms but will stop the progression.

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Djp1989 in reply to SongStream

The company said 85% of MS patients had improvement in symptoms. I’ll be a test dummy for everyone 😉

I remember the conversation but I thought someone was thinking about going to somewhere in south or Central America to get the procedure. I didn’t think it was legal in the US at the time.

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Djp1989 in reply to Tim76

I contacted that company. I believe the procedure is done out of the US. Wondering on cost.

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