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Diet and AMN

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I want to ask the group members what kind of diet do you use? Do you eat gluten and dairy products? Are there animal or vegetable fats in your diet?

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Yes, yes, yes and yes.

It is best to eat a healthy and varied diet, the same as you would if you did not have AMN.

There is no evidence that specific diets will alter the course of AMN in anyone.

A healthy diet will make you feel better and keep you healthier overall.

Absolutely correct

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I should have added that we have had a number of discussions on this forum about diet and AMN. You can find them by searching on the word "diet". Use the "search posts on AMN Easier" field, on the right side of the screen, not the "search HealthUnlocked" field.

Read this from ALD news:

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Intensor in reply to artortega78

We've known all this for a long time.

I follow a certain diet, not for altering the course of ALD/AMN, to promote health and well-being to place you in a better position to deal with symptoms and self care.

In this light, I did remove gluten which revealed that I do have a sensitivity to it i.e. caused inflammation. Not everyone has this reaction, so I would suggest trying it.

I use avocado, olive and coconut oils. All for the same reason - they don't cause inflammation like vegetable oils.

The way I discovered the sensitivity is by trying. No harm in that. After a little time, you can add it back to see if it agrees with you. In my case, I love my toast, so I will have it sparingly, freezing my breads.

At the same time, I have added dark leafy greens, more vegetables, meat (I'm not a vegetarian or vegan), generally more whole foods, as opposed to processed foods.

Diet may not be the answer for you, but trying alternatives doesn't hurt!

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I agree with Chris. I have no allergies and enjoy a normal healthy diet.


As Chris says I would keep to a normal healthy diet if youcan. Unfortunately I am intolerant to dairy,eggs, soya and yeast but can and do eat gluten. I haven't found any improvement to not eating these foods.

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