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Bone marrow trans plant is a go!!!


So fam this things is all a go! I am blessed to my have sister as match! I leave FEB 15 to mas general and the actual procedure will be started on FEB 20! So I say let’s get this thing going to help stop the lesions and see what comes of it! So now I’m a Boston resident for up to six months! So prayers and god vibes fam!

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SNAP....Good luck Monkey. Is your insurance paying for all of it?

I wish you all the best!

Best wishes


Wishing you the best! Dr. Eichler is an amazing doctor! Please keep us posted.


Yes, very best wishes to you for a successful outcome.

You will rock this! Those you encounter will learn so much from you as well! All the best!

Good luck!

I spoke with Dr.Eichler last month and mentioned about this, he's like "how did you hear about that"..Haha Best of luck to you in all this!


I hope everything goes well for you.

Have you been developing cerebral disease? Is that why this is happening?

Also, is Dr. Eichler the one who is doing this procedure/managing your care?


All the very best thoughts and prayers go with you!!

Best wishes to you!

We’ll all be anxiously waiting to hear from you. Prayers and good vibes coming your way!

Best wishes indeed! You are in great hands with Dr. Eichler. Keep us posted.

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