Nerve fibers regenerated with molecular mix

Nerve fibers regenerated with molecular mix

This is excellent news, includes a scientific test of 4-AP-3-MeOH as well.

Scientists may have found a way to regrow axons - a crucial part of a neuron also known as a nerve fiber - after injury. The findings may help patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, or other neurodegenerative conditions recover their motor skills

Have a read of this, it's a clinical trial that I'd be first in the queue for:

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  • Very interesting and very much related to AMN which is axonal degeneration resulting in spinal cord dysfunction. I understand that when myelination occurs in the brain that it results in adult cerebral ALD but why the acronym AMN, notably the letter M-myelin?

  • I know, right? Seems like a misnomer to me. An AMN specialist that I have been in communication with stated that men with "classic" AMN do not show demyelination in the brain.

  • It's nothing more I believe than an accident of history. I once met the scientist who named our disease AMN, sadly now deceased. At that time ('90s), AMN was assumed to be demyelinating, and hence the M. It was only much later that further science indicated that the disease was due to axonal die-back.

    I suspect that axonal damage and myelin damage are quite closely related, so that you don't just get one kind with no evidence of the other.

  • Agree. Very interesting.

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