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I want to share an article in the Smithsonian Magazine about the new understanding that is emerging about bone and its complex relationship to other parts of the body. You can read it at:


In particular, there are some interesting comments about bone density and probiotics.

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Thank you for posting this. It highights how complex the body is and how much work there still is to be done. Interest in the microbiome (and taking probiotics) used to be considered a bit fringe, but now it's become much more mainstream, even if researchers are still learning. There's also been an explosion in 'anti-aging' and research into senolytics. The article you shared discusses this and highlights the work by the Mayo Clinic group. A few years ago I heard about fisetin and other senolytic agents that might be able to help with bone health. (Obviously they're also being studied for other age-related illnesses.) Enterprising supplement manufactureres are already offering anti-aging supplements. The researchers are urging caution, though, saying the long-term health effects aren't known. As always, 'more studies are needed' and it may be a long time before treatments are available. sigh...

One of the things that interests me about senolytics is the way they 'uncouple' bone resorption from bone remodeling, unlike anti-resporptive drugs that disrupt that process. So maybe this will be a hopeful development. In this article one of the Mayo Clinic researchers discusses that. Interesting that it also mentions pharmaceutical companies' declining interest in deveoping new osteoporosis therapies. So it may be from these wider fields of investigation that promising treatments arise.


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has there been any follow up to these tests conducted in 2019 through 2022? I'm wondering if the research brought out if these new approaches and theories actually worked.

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eianda79 in reply to dcdream

I haven't had the time to read any of these, but I went to PubMed and searched for osteoporosis probiotics and found 192 articles on the topic.

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wellness1 in reply to dcdream

If you're asking about senolytics, it's safe to assume that research is ongoing, but it will take a long time to establish that it 'works'. And if they're able to establish benefit, they have to conduct trials to establish dose and safety before it's available for treatment. It's a very long process and part of the reason for that is to make sure something is safe for the majority of recipients before doctors prescribe a drug or tell patients it's ok to take something. Then there's the time it takes for the knowledge to become widely known and accepted. You often hear the figure of 17 years for something to go from discovery to widespread part of medical practice.


Some of the senolytics are available as supplements, like fisetin and quercetin. Supplements aren't regulated in the same way. (and doctors are skittish to recommend for that reason) But many people will satisfy themselves that it's reasonable to take a supplement. Many members take vitamin K2, for example. There are a lot of studies on it, but not the large-scale RCTs required for drugs. There may be some physicians who recommend it, but I doubt it's widespread. So some people will see what studies are available and decide whether they feel it's reasonable to take something. It's always a good idea to find out the TUL (tolerable upper limit) and make sure there are no interactions with anything else you take or contraindications for other conditions you have. Always a good idea to ask your doctor or a pharmacist, but the answer might be 'more studies are needed'.

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dcdream in reply to wellness1

Not to mention that without proper research, one has no idea what dosage to take in order to actually have a positive impact.

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Thank you for posting. I just ordered my probiotics!

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Today I read an article in the Washington Post that might be relevant to probiotics and osteoporosis. Of particular interest to me is the comparison between probiotic supplements and adding fermented foods to your diet. Since reading the article in my original post I have added kefir to my diet (I was already eating some sauerkraut everyday). Hope this might be useful to you. Here is the link to the article:


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thanks for sharing. I can't wait for new therapies that will replace the current drugs/meds used. It is obvious that many refuse such meds for a variety of reasons and from side effects. Thankfully, new research is shedding light on other ways of dealing with this issue.

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Thank you for sharing this.

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Thank you very much! KimChi is rich in probiotics and great on sandwiches and in salads!

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A great article, thank you for posting. I always feel I'll never catch up with the reading and studying it takes to help prevent my osteoporosis from worsening. This short article which I downloaded for future reference gives me some hope.

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Thank you for sharing the article, it was very interesting.

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This is fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

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This is really interesting. Thanks.

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During my visit with my doctor last week I told her about the ongoing study regarding atenolol and bone health. She was very interested saying she will read about it. That's a good thing.

Thank you for sharing this article.

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