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Very nervous about taking Reclast

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I'm 60 years old. My DEXA scores worried my PCP. My dentist was also concerned with the bone density in my teeth.

AP Spine L1-L4: T-score: -2.6

Left Femoral Neck:T-score: -2.1

Left Total Hip:T-score: -1.2

My doctor prescribed my Fosomax which I took for about a month until one week where I had really bad acid reflex. I went to a rheumatologist who scheduled me to take the Reclast injection in October. I'm really nervous since this just sounds like such an intense drug. Nobody I know has taken it. I'm considering delaying it for awhile until I feel less uneasy about it but then maybe I'll always feel uneasy about it.


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l had 2 Reclast infusions as l couldn't take the tablets because of acid reflux,l was also concerned, l went to the dentist lst,it built my bones up a lot,l should have had 3 but my kidney function deteriorated so stopped at 2 annuals,my numbers were similar to yours,l also take calcium and vid D tablets twice a day,good luck

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FearFracture in reply to sun_flower

I had a zoledronic acid infusion in November 2021, and yesterday, I had my 1st DEXA since the infusion. When you say that Reclast built up your bones "a lot" can you define a lot--or give your numbers.

My numbers did improve but not as much as I had hoped for.

All three scans were done on the same GE Lunar scanner. Here are my results by year

July 2019 July 2021 December 2022


L1 -4.5 -3.8 -4.1

L2 -4.3 -4.2 -4.2

L3 -3.7 -3.3 -3.5

L4 -3.4 -3.5 -2.9

Total L Spine -3.9 -3.7 -3.6


Right Neck -2.7 -3.1 -2.9

Total Right Femur -3.0 -3.0 -2.8


Left Neck -3.3 -3.2 -3.1

Total Left Femur -3.4 -2.9 -3.0

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sun_flower in reply to FearFracture

The words a lot were what my consultant used so not sure,but l am pleased you are improving, x

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FearFracture in reply to sun_flower

I found this which you posted a few years ago and if _2 means a -2 t-score then that may be where you started. You didn't mention in that post what part of the body that t-score corresponds to and a -2 t-score is only osteopenia. Given that my 1st DEXA in 2019 showed that my lumbar spine t-score was -3.9 I would jump for joy if my t-score was -2 :-)

My doctor said he would NOT prescribe Reclast (zoledronic acid) to someone whose boness were in the osteopenia range.

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sun_flower in reply to FearFracture

I will try to find the results x

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FearFracture in reply to sun_flower

There was a typo in my last post. Have corrected it but want to make sure that you see the correction. I should have written

My doctor said he would NOT prescribe Reclast (zoledronic acid) to someone whose bones were in the osteopenia range.

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My doctor ordered recast for my osteoporosis which I've had for 10 years. My scores are worse than yours. I have never taken meds for it. Like you, I have concerns with meds/reclast. I decided to do more research and not have the recast infusion at the moment. Instead, I am working with my diet, have taken therapy to learn how to strengthen my spine and back muscles, learn proper body mechanics etc. to avoid fracturing. To date, I have never broken a bone and am a very active person. I am uncertain if all I am doing will prevent worse scores but will decide what to do if and when I fracture. Regardless of whatever you do, don't rush into treatment until you feel it's right for you and you are comfortable with your decision. Good luck, as I know it is scary and unsettling to make that decision.

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I only took the Foamax for a month due to problems swallowing the pill and reflux. My doctor wanted me to have Prolia infusions. I agree it is very scary. I am 62 and my T scorces are a little worse then you indicating osteoporosis. There are alot of people that do well on Reclast and Prolia. I don't like all the side effects that you can have. If you have some issues with the drug and have to stop, do you feel crummy for awhile. Once you start these meds, you have to take something for the rest of your life. If you don't, you are at higher risk for fracture. My mom and aunts never had a fracture. I decided not to take the meds now. I started taking Vitamin K2 100 mcg daily to help with bone mineralization a month ago. I have started walking more, 4-6 miles, and resistance training. I know some people take Algacal. It is a calcium supplement from red algae that is supposed have better bone absorbtion than the calcium from rock. I can't take this due to thyroid issues. My insurance will cover another bone scan in 2 years. I will reaccess the med issue again if bones worse. Good luck to you. Let us know if you start Reclast and how you are doing.

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I'm sorry, I am also shocked that you've been told you need a bone medication. Your worst T-score is indeed in the "osteoporosis" category. The others.... Unfortunately our doctors are not trained to know that in many, if not most, cases of bone thinning there are ways to improve bone density without the use of medication.

Risk of fracture is based on several factors, which include (as well as the t-score) age, medications you may be on which are known to affect bone density, and whether you've had a previous "fragility" fracture - that is a spontaneous fracture, not one caused by trauma. Many people even with some form of most of those factors still only have a small risk of fracture. To put it into perspective, if your risk to fracture is reckoned to be 10% in the next ten years, then you have a 90% chance of not experiencing a fracture. You can see it's all a bit of guesswork.

I hope your doctor also investigated you for "secondary causes of osteoporosis".

Have a look at these links. One is my story, which may contain some useful tips for you, and the other links to a description of the secondary causes which need to be ruled out before bone medications are prescribed. My main suggestions for you, whether you continue with bone medication or not, are to add Vitamin K2 (not K1) to your supplements, and to make sure you get appropriate bone-strengthening exercise (can be as simple as a daily walk, perhaps carrying a bit of weight). By the way, if you look up Vitamin K2 on the internet many of the items are from dental clinics. Dentists know the value of Vitamin K2. :)

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Osteoporosis meds might improve bone density but they will not improve your teeth.

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