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Strontium for osteoporosis?

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And do any of you have experience taking strontium citrate and/or strontium ranelate? Reading many conflicting reports on these two supplements, one of which says Europe took strontium ranelate off the market due to dangerous side effects; however a friend here in the US said she reversed her full-on osteoporosis taking str. citrate, with normal DEXA scans now. But a Google search says strontium replaces the calcium in the bones with itself, which isn't the same as healthy bones. Confusing!

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I copied this from the National Osteoporosis website ( in the UK) in the hope it will make things clearer

"Osteoporosis drug strontium ranelate (Protelos) no longer available after August

31 May 2017

The osteoporosis medication strontium ranelate (Protelos) will no longer be available in the UK after August following a decision by its manufacturers Servier to cease marketing and supply of the drug treatment.

The decision, the manufacturers says, has been taken because of commercial reasons based on the drug having limited uses and being prescribed to - and used by - very few people.

This decision follows safety concerns about the drug connected to cardiovascular risks which have led to its limited use and a continuous decrease in those being treated with it. Strontium ranelate will no longer be available anywhere in the world from August 2017.

Protelos was licensed for treatment of severe osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and adult men at high risk of fracture.

Sarah Leyland, Osteoporosis Nurse Consultant at the National Osteoporosis Society, said anyone currently taking this treatment is advised to talk to their GP.

“Although stontium ranelate isn’t commonly prescribed, there will be some people who have been taking this drug treatment who may be confused and worried when it’s no longer available. They will need to see their doctor and discuss other drug treatment options. It’s also important that Health Professionals review patients currently taking strontium ranelate to discuss an alternative treatment.”

We will continue to work with NICE to ensure that new osteoporosis drugs are considered promptly and that a range safe and effective treatments are available in the UK.”

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I did a lot of research on this - and use the information in my classes. Here's the short version (hopefully simple) version. Strontium ranelate was available in the EU but never in the US. It was never approved by the FDA.

Originally it was touted as a safe drug with no side effects. Data from longer use showed that it was not without side effects. "There were significant increases in both heart attacks and blood clots (including pulmonary embolism) in patients taking strontium ranelate compared those who were not. "

It's manufacture was to be discontinued in 2017.

Stronium citrate is not the same as stronium ranelate. It is an over the counter supplement. Therefore its production and use has less oversight than strontium ranelate.

A major problem with all of the strontium compounds—and it's basic chemistry. Stronitum can replace calcium in the bone structure. "Because strontium atoms are heavier than calcium atoms, swapping some of the calcium atoms with strontium atoms will make the bone mineral density appear to increase — this is not the same as making new bone."

DEXA scans are calibrated for calcium not strontium. Bone may appear more dense, but they are not! And you've compromised the results of the DEX scan for years to come.

You can read American Bone Health's article on strontium.

Thanks. Sounds like strontium in any form isn't the magic bullet we'd all hoped for. Oh well...

Thank you so very much for your insight and knowledge explained in very understandable form.

No, you don't appear confused and are accurate in many ways. You may wish to read the post by " yogalibrarian " above (first appeared a month ago) and the recent posts by poemsgalore1 and me. Strontium Ranelate was never RX in the US and is currently not recommended by the medical advice attached to this venue (American Bone Health), was pulled off the market in the UK and is recently being reintroduced. And there is the possibility of some very serious side effects.

You are one smart cookie about Strontium is a suppliment, I think, and its chemistry can be interpreted as denser/heavier material like bone density and can fool a dexigram. "Yogalibrarian"'s post is very good in explaining all this.

The reversal of "full-on" osteoporosis appears too good to be true. doesn't it? Would think all our doctors would be treating us like the way your friend is treating herself if it were possible.

Did your friend tell her doctor or the medical staff performing the dexagram she was taking Strontium Citrate? Do you think she may have an inaccurate dexagram, because Strontium Citrate use can be read as though there is more bone density, when there is not. Perhaps your friend needs to advise her medical providers and have a different test run that eliminates the Citrate residue and registers true bone mass and density. It would be sad to think the bone density reported is inaccurate and her osteoporosis maybe progressing because she stopped her meds and switched to a suppliment.

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I agree - I've mentioned the false DEXA scan results from use of strontium citrate to my friend, and she'll do some research as well. Thanks for your helpful info.

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Really glad if I was of any help. Thank you.

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