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New to osteoporosis after broken ankle

I am 67 and just found out yesterday i have osteoporosis. I fell and broke my ankle on March 27,2018 get in to a big van. Now I have a leg full of metal and lots of pain. Hope tobe walking soon.

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oh no! That sounds super painful! How is your ankle now?


I am going better. Walk with a walker and that big boot now. Managing pain better.


Sorry to hear you've had such a bad ankle injury and hope you can soon be rid of the pain. Presumably you had a Dexa scan to diagnose osteoporosis? Do you know what your t scores are? Has your GP checked for any underlying causes of your bone thinning?


The pain is getting lower. I am going to physical therapy now.

I have the t scores now and the doctor prescribed Risedronate sodium (one pill a month). I have not taken it yet.

I go to my orthopedic doctor tomorrow.(2nd time with him)

No one has give me a cause yet other than old age.




It's worth asking to be checked for underlying causes (eg low vit D, thyroid problems) as sometimes if a treatable cause is found, osteoporosis medication isn't needed.




no reason why from doctors.


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