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American Bone Health: Osteoporosis

Natural ways to build strong bone (drug free)

after hearing I had osteoporosis I read on the drugs available on the market and they all ALL sounded quite dangerous .

I decided to attempt to treat the osteoporosis naturally with wholesome foods and exercise . First I changed my diet cut way down on caffeine

included greens plenty of fresh veggies (delicious) managed to find a lady who sells raw mlk from her cow. The best. Exercise every day with weight vest I use the nyk one its sleek can wear it under my jacket and also got one that is quilted for cold weather weight walks in winter!

Long story short my bones are getting very strong and I am no longer in need of the bone drugs on the market - doctor said to keep up the good work and I will be strong boned and normal or osteoporosis free very soon. hope that helps

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Thanks for the encouraging options. I am glad to hear someone strengthened their bones without using bone drugs. I sure don't want to go that route.


What were your bone density numbers


Congratulations. To significantly change your bone density you have to be really committed. Like a prescription for a medication: it has specific dosage and timing requirements. It's not just a sort of "loosey-goosey" hope. It has specific exercise dosage and dietary requirements (calcium dosage and timing). I know very few people who have been willing to adhere to the requirements.


That’s great I exercise eat more greens and take good care of my bones. Only thing I have accomplished is not getting worse. Happy you had such great results.


What good news!


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