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Multimedia EPUB?

I have been going through the process of writing down stuff only I know like how the house is wired, how our network is configured, to my recipes for chili, Blimps and finished with how my cannabis garden works. I am collecting the writings from a variety of places but what is of paramount importance is the format or container I use for this. I need something open source so no patent-anything can go wrong, plus open source formats tend to be better supported for a longer time than one locked down to a single company with other interests in mind.

So Epub seems to be the ambassadore wrt platform and OS support but there is one thing I am not sure of and hope maybe someone out there does, even a crumb of a clue. I have found I need multimedia support as well, the ability to embed sound and videos into a single container, linked to the text. Can the current state of Epub do that? If not I *can* go HTML if I have to but since that is just a file format standard, there is no sense of container or way of welding the multimedia assets to specific parts or lines in the book. If I copy this someplace or worse, someone ELSE copies it for someone other-ELSE, they need to keep a bunch of little files together for it to all work. I would prefer a way just to embed stuff right into the EPUB container. Can this be done? I guess if HTML is the only way I can create the prototype in HTML with assets and when done just zip it up or burn to CDROM or something, kind of a hard-enforced container...but that would take a lot of attention to detail I just don't have anymore.

Anyone? Class? Bueller?

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Sorry Jeff... no help here. It's hard enough for me to remember to put my pants before going out.



Hey I get it Tim; why the hell do you think I am looking for a prefab solution, not one I have to roll my own? Because even this, piddly little bullshit things like this feel like being asked to defuse a bomb (with no skills) or perform surgery on a fellow human being (again, no training). This stuff humbles the crap out of you. You know how it is; you spend your days having to deal with this (for various values of "this") and there is that voice, sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming that you were once worth a shit. You can't be worth a shit now of course so your are left with perpetually pointing at yesterday. Yet you go through your days, from now till then, still trying to matter, still attempting relevance. You know you can't, you are told it doesn't matter anymore for you so enjoy your days.

So why do I, with what I, and the country has going on, constantly feel like I should be out there, making change for good? Especially when I can barely remember to change my pants? Heh; you thought *you* had the monopoly on trouser-centric dementia fun..

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