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Episode #1: Zoning Out

This is a short little factoid for caregivers or those who might think they will be caring for someone with dementia. This is about "zoning out", where we look so lost in thought as to be nearly in a waking coma. I do this often myself and while it is never my choice to do so, I must confess to find zoning out quite comforting and relaxing, like a mini day at the beach. Without the sunburn. I actually find I enjoy these little periods of cognitive displacement...while you are there, nothing can hurt you, nothing can be asked of you thus negating the chance of failure. And when I come back, I feel strangely rested and refreshed.

Is it scary for the caregiver? Sure...was it scary for me the first time? Well, only for the first minute or so. Then years of hallucinogenic drug experience kicks in and I just sort of ride the sensation to its completion. So while I am missing time in your reality, I am not doing too bad in my own.

So next time you see your charge out there in the ozone layer someplace, assume they are someplace nice. Possibly even nicer than where you are.

Until next time kids...


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Loved this Jeff... I just refer to it as the D-Zone. I never go looking for it, but it's like s###t … it happens.



Jeff, you mentioned the 1st time it happened you were worried for the 1st minute or so. My question is, do you realize you’re zoning out. I don’t have a clue when it happens until I come back to reality and discover someone has appeared/disappeared out of thin air, the tv program I was so intent on has completed and we’re on to something else, I spill whatever liquid I’m holding on me, etc... When Im zoned, I have no concept of person, time dimension, or anything else for that matter. Just curious.


Randy; that is a tough one to answer accurately. No I cannot feel a zone-out coming on exactly but I *can* tell when an overall down-phase is starting to happen, and its in these down-phases that the zone-out is more likely to happen. When it is happening I am aware of it because in most cases, drooling starts which is still something that will snap me out of it. Not to say it always will.


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