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The cure for an absolute crappy day

You know are having one of *those* days. Jerking hands break dishes, lack of focus and attention span burns food. Lack of coordination results in broken furniture and injured pets. And its only 08:00 am. Well I am here to share with you the perfect fix for the crappy day, filed not under "misery loves company" but rather "his misery is bigger than mine" category. When things look their worst, go watch a Batman movie.

Not just any Batman movie; the pinnacle of 1990s goodness, that volume that apologizes for nothing and hits every lame branch on the way down falling out of the LameAss Tree of North Hollywood, Batman and Robin. Consider that you have a surgeon/vampire killer (with nipples), a governor/terminator on ice, a kungfu/botanist on steroids, Robin was a complete tool and the lines were corny enough to germinate Nebraska. And Batman had nipples.

So as bad as my day ever seems I can just watch the trailer for this movie and know for fact every one of these non-disabled rich/famous people are still capable of doing dumber things than I did today. Proof is on the screen...buck up, their day was worse than yours at least once..

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