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LBD Moment #002: The New Task

LBD Moment #002: The New Task

Learning new things has become painful of late, the more "new", the more pain to go with it. This situation happens all the time and I am sure it is not limited to Jeff's house: the moment the caregiver realizes the patient needs to learn some basic task and the LBD patient is in a down-phase. She gets frustrated (rightfully so) and as the patient, I am kicking my own ass trying to grasp and apply what she is saying. Some days it works, some days its a non-starter from the get-go. I made this little video to kinda show what its like.

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Actually that was us the other day, her trying to teach me the new dish-washer settings, me....just being idiot-me. Finally just went and did it my own way.

As an aside though I gotta observe that the patience of a saint (which my caregiver has) isn't the same thing as the language of a saint (which neither of us have). Just sayin.


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