Everyday humor

Everyday humor

"For a real knee-slapper, let someone with (occasional) dementia and Parkinsons symptoms help out with dishes."

Before I get my chestnuts roasted over an open fire, it is me to whom I refer. First, it is humbling as hell when the max responsibility you have is helping out with the dishes without destroying everything. That humility gets worse when you are doing you very best yet you hand forgets to put the dish into the sink, spilling it on the floor, as it THATS where the sink was....or trying to put a dish away, causing two more to start to fall, saving that resulting in a cascade of dishes raining down upon you. I could go on but the ones who know, know and the ones who don't, well I hope they never will.

But heres the thing of the thing as they say: when this stuff is happening to me, all I can think of is breaking not just that dish but every dish in the house, TWICE if that were possible. Because for all I try to look at this intellectually, I am still human and it still hurts being so defeated by something as small as fricking dishes.

Yet through the magic of LBD, that happens in a down phase and when in the next up phase I can recognize everything that happened and in most cases, actually laugh at myself. Thats why I have no problem posting this; I am up now (now high or anything just not brain-dead; I will post like that later and you can see the difference) and frankly the absurdity of me trying to get through dishes without wiping out the kitchen just struck me as funny as hell, to the point I had to shut off the water and sit down for a few.

Now the dishes are done-ish, I am chilling and the laughter has subsided, and I think I realized something. Maybe THIS is a nice power to have, a weapon against the coming gloom, the ability to laugh are the unique absurdities that life has clearly set aside, just for you, trainee. Sorry, old Army Basic training thing. Anyhoo, this is why I can still laugh at things and I think it is good. Good for me anyhow. To paraphrase the great sages of the Grateful Dead, if I am going to hell in a hand-basket, I might as well enjoy the ride.

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  • Yeah this all sounds good and all but the stereotypical lunatic is the dude sitting there laughing at things only he can see......so there you go I guess. Your mileage may vary.

  • Oh and this really isn't my kitchen; it survived........*this time*! Muhahahahaha!

    We rejoin our regularly scheduled program, already in progress....

  • Caught myself smiling as I read, first to find out this isn't your kitchen (whew!) and then your ability to laugh at yourself - laughter is such a relief to one's nervous system, Jeff, keep laughing and posting!

  • I've had a few days like that... more to come I'm sure. Some may not see the humour in all of this, but you still have to laugh.

  • Daddy; I understand what you mean. I am certain there are more than a couple of people who find the patient who can laugh in the face of terminal disease to be....sigh...I hate aphasia some days. To be wrong somehow, that dementia and dying are a serious, grim business. Well yeah but here is the other side of the coin. I have always, my whole life found lifes absurdities funny as hell. Hey, some folks collect stamps. So if I found this stuff funny before, how am I supposed to be when the dementia does little more than supply absurdity after absurdity in my daily life? By the same token, if you (anyone) didn't laugh at this stuff before (weird things, not dementia specifically) before, you probably aren't doing that now.

    Thus I know I am probably in a minority for saying these things but I still am who I am and cannot help what makes me laugh. And frankly, sometimes when I am gardening, trying to cook, clean, etc, it feels more like I am auditioning an act for The Gong Show (yep, showing my age)....


  • Jeff, I have a saying that if you can't win... you can at least grin. I don't let dementia or PSP define me. I cannot change the fact that I live with a terminal disease, but I can determine how I respond to it. As I see it, I really only have two choices... let the disease and the pity party consume me, or do as I have always done which is to see the humour in everything... even if it's inappropriate. I keep what I call the Stupid List on which I itemize my gaffs... that is if I can remember them lol. Sadly (or not) the list continues to grow. Every once in a while I'll revisit the Stupid List, shake my head and chuckle. FYI... I remember Chuck Barris, The Gong show along with The Unknown Comic and Gene Gene The Dancing Machine.

  • Daddy; First Chuck Barris was great. He also laughed at inappropriate stuff (for the times). I think it would have been a hoot to work on that show. Second, what is PSP? Having worked at Sony the only PSP I know is....a game machine I worked on a lifetime ago. My Lewy Body Dementia gives me the fun parts of AD and Parkinsons with a few random mental faults just for good drama. Sometimes cooking feels like making a meal, others it feels like trying to storm Normandy beach. My wife doesn't even ask where the scars come from anymore and I don't bother telling her. She just looks and sighs. And some days it can take almost a whole loaf of bread to make that one sandwich. Thank the deity for Lunchables, pretty tough to screw up.

  • Jeff; Agreed, Barris was great... a little bit edgy. When I was first diagnosed, the neurologist gave us a cursory explanation, when I googled it came up Sony's PSP... almost wished I didn't look further. PSP- Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. It's a rare disease, no treatment, no cure and one of several atypical Parkinsonisms. These diseases mimick Parkinsons in the early stages... ALS is one of them. PSP is sometimes called Parkinson's evil twin... didn't know that there was a good Parkinsons lol. My wife too, has given up on asking me where did all bumps an d bruises come from. Cerebral hiccups are a common occurrence for me and hey... Lunchables are great. I like the convenience of frozen fries, but they're better if you put them in the oven... not the blender.

  • Or put them in on high and setting the timer to Forever.

  • That works for me too (:

  • I keep my Stupid List on my arms and legs, the entries in said list looking for all the world just like scars 😮

  • I tried remembering it... hell a lot of good that was, now I record it on my phone.

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