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See it again for the first time

See it again for the first time

Something came up in a thread with LaurieRose that I wanted to share with the group. This may already be known, in retrospect it seems obvious to me. Since the specter of dementia cannot be avoided I have tried to find ways to embrace it to enhance my daily life. One way that happens is through movies and TV shows. We have literally thousands of hours of entertainment on this system I built over a decade ago, every movie from the latest stuff to foreign-language and silent flicks. And you know how it is with any movie you really like, you tend to overwatch it to the point you are mouthing the dialog along with the actors. Still a fun movie but the thrill is gone for you. Well not for me or anyone with dementia! I have just enough MCI to look at my library, get a feeling some flick or the other is great (say Casablanca or Cool Hand Luke or maybe even Plan 9 From Outer Space) but have little to no clue what happens in the film. This results in me going through our collection, picking out movies that make me feel good (say Star Wars, The Matrix, Highlander, Terminator, etc) but unlike everyone else, I experience an almost first-time thrill of discovery with these flicks. And I have a ball; thats a trick for normals but natural as breathing for us.

Tonights feature concerns the political ramifications of vampires on the Civil War with the classic historical piece Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

Yep the thrills are cheap around Casa Cobb.....

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