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Where is Rich Hall when you really need him?

You know how it is...you are trying to talk to your neurologist and the situation is one that can only be saved by a comedian. First, the irony of a doctor asking a person with aphasia to describe whats wrong kinda screws with my head in ways having nothing to do with dementia. Accepting that weirdness, having aphasia means in my case not getting the words or whole sentences right, very frustrating when you are faced with a super-special neuro-whiz you waited 6 months to see and can only mumble things when they ask what your problem is.

Well what do you suppose I am supposed to do when the things that are going wrong don't even HAVE words in my head? Seriously. Well there was indeed something that could help me here: The Sniglet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sniglet).

In short, sniglets are made up words for everyday things that don't already have them.

Sun Tzu once uttered something to the effect that those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. Well, if he didn't say that, he should have. Anyhow, comedic history is no different; some of lifes answers can indeed be found there. The pioneer of said sniglets was a comedian named Rich Hall; while most of his other achievements have fallen by the wayside of history, the sniglet is and shall forever remain one of those factors in life that just keeps explaining stuff.

Here is some Youtube of him in the supermarket...


So I need sniglets to describe things to the neuro like the fun of....I have like two friends in the entire world I write to in any way, I FREQUENTLY think of something important to share with one of these two friends, forgot what it was by the time I open the laptop and forget who it was even going to be to by the time the email app is booted.

Happens alot, very "lather, rinse, repeat" in its repetition, so it deserves a word, if only Rich Hall were available.

Besides, you gotta love the situation where you use words the neuro doesn't know, instead of how it usually goes....heh.

Hey to the moderators, Randy said the links would be OK.....

And I need those sniglets to describe whats going haywire inside my head...but man, the old saw is true, it feels like trying to describe the color red to someone blind since birth.

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