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What movies or stories tell your life story?

What movies or stories tell your life story?

One of the parts of LBD thats coming up for all of us at one point or

another is the loss of ability to communicate in a meaningful

way. Being an inveterate puzzle solver, I am hard at work thinking of

outside-the-box methods of communication that might survive my loss of

normal abilities.

One of the avenues of that research concerns less

the attempt to communicate language and more on the idea of

communicating concepts and ideas. Or better stated, I was looking at

ways of communicating ideas and concepts without the requirement of

standard language to do so.

I have some more serious ideas going down this path but one that is

just more for fun is this...I have a pretty decent video library and I

thought what if I used it to tell my story, at least the important

parts? No I am not claiming to be Indiana Jones in real life....try it

like this. I served in the Army in the 80's and 3+ years of that time

was spent in (then) West Berlin.

This is when the wall was still up and so all that was going on but at the

same time, the 80's were an interesting time in Berlin. The modern ideas were overtaking the ideas of the previous generation and going to East Berlin

was like living in a black and white movie. This was the first impression I had

when I over the first time.

The western side however almost seemed to reach

to the opposite, everything was so lively and fun, always ready for a

party, the people were warm and friendly and no one took themselves

too seriously. But now when I try to explain to someone what Berlin

felt like at that time, the words are lost and if the listener is

young enough, the context is lost too.

Now as I said this is more of a fun what-if so don't laugh. Roger

Moore died recently, bet he is bummed but I spent some time going

through my Roger Moore flicks and realized the otherwise-lame

Octopussy was a pretty great snapshot of what Berlin was like at that

time. So when I say a movie can tell part of our stories I don't mean

the spy stuff in this case. Rather, if you watch Octopussy, you will

come away with the general feel of what my world was like then. And

that movie was shot on a number of roads I took to work everyday so

seeing them in the flick brings back memories as well...

What kind of movies could tell your life story?

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Interesting thought Jeff. It strikes me that I've led a fairly vanilla life and would require quite a bit of thought to come up with movies to identify with different parts of my life. Thanks for giving me something interesting to occupy my squirrelly mind.



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