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My Godmother might have Alzheimer's

My Godmother might have Alzheimer's. She is having a lot of trouble with her memory. She will be 94 in June. I spoke to her on Thursday, She asked if my parents had died. My Mom died 8 years ago. My Dad died 23 years ago. She is my mom's first cousin. It was so sad. I am thankful she knew who I was. I sent her photos of my new granddaughter. How do you deal with stuff like this?

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Welcome, you will find good support here. Does your Godmother live with other people? How much does her memory loss affect her daily life? I imagine she has been, and still is, an important part of your life. You are doing the right thing by sending her photos of your new granddaughter. Even if she doesn't understand the baby's relationship to you, she will be happy you are connecting with her. I think the way you deal with this change is to recall your relationship with her and accept that the changes in her are eliciting a form of grief in you.

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Thanks. She lives in a retirement community. I love her very much. She reminds me so much of my Mom. They grew up together.


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