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Universalis time frame?


Hi, I'm new to this group so I apologise for jumping straight in with a question. I'm a 37 year old male and have developed alopecia universalis. I've so far lost all my eyebrows, most of my eye lashes and all of my nose hairs. My head is still quite patchy but I've shaved it. My question (eventually) is how long does it take for all your body hair to fall out? I've always been hairy and have a few patches all over my body, I'm fully aware that I will lose it all but how long does it take? I started losing my hair about 2 years ago. It's hard to accept the situation while it's an ongoing thing and I just want it over and done with so I can make peace with what I look like. Thanks in advance for any answers.

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Depends, if it's going to happen, my (head) hair starting to fall out in patches a couple of years ago, followed by eyebrows - then eyelashes. Chest/arms next - then nothing - legs are starting to look a bit patchy now.

I seem to be going in instalments


Hi Mikegen2 , unfortunately alopecia is not something that sticks to a certain timeline. How it affects one person to the next is totally different. For some their total hair loss can happen overnight for others it can take years. I know this is likely of little comfort as its answers that we're all after but this isn't one we can really answer. I'd suggest also joining our Facebook community, it's got a much higher interaction rate and you'll hear from many others and their experiences on there - facebook.com/groups/Alopeci...

Best wishes, Naomi (Alopecia UK)

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