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Weird presentation of alopecia


Hi guys,

Sorry this is my first post, I haven’t known what to say in the past but my alopecia seems to have gone into overdrive. I’ve already had steroid injections earlier this year, then suffered a bout of telogen effluvium which took about 60% of the hair I had left. I am looking hot ;).

In the last week I’ve discovered two soon to be bald patches but this is how they present, which doesn’t seem to fit any description of alopecia until the bald patches appear. With me I starts out with an intolerable burning nerve pain that goes right down into my face and teeth. Then I’ll randomly find huge lumps on my head like I’ve banged by head and injured it, only the lumps don’t hurt. Then after a week or so the bumps blister and scab, and as the scabs fall off, it takes my hair with it leaving me with a perfectly circular bald spot. When I try and explain the process the doctor isn’t really interested. They just see the bald patch and inject it. But why does it keep happening? Can anyone else relate to the presentation of symptoms as I feel a bit like I’m losing my mind.

Thanks so much for listening,


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The doctor needs to refer you to a dermatologist. It is almost certainly beyond GP training.

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