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Scabbing alopecia

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I developed alopecia four years ago along with telegon effluvium after a traumatic event. I ended up shaving my head and had steroid injections and thankfully it grew back fine. Having just got to the point where I love my hair again (it sounds so vain but I hate they way I look and I’m overweight so pretty long hair makes me feel better about myself.

3 weeks ago after a week of searing, burning scalp pain, I developed scabs which in turn fell out leaving a perfectly circular bald patch with surround exclamation point hairs. The dermatologist doesn’t understand why it blisters and scabs first but says it’s definitely alopecia areata, and it’s following the same pattern as last time. Sadly for the last few weeks the pain has spread over the entirety of my head and it absolute agony, even putting my head on a silk pillow causes great pain. Does anyone have any hints or tips in dealing with the pain. I’m a dog walker by profession and in this grim weather I’m unable to wear my hair in a bobble, wear a hat or even a hood without triggering the nerve pain. I fear I’ll be losing the lot this time with the pain being widespread. There has been no stress or traumatic event but my GP has admitted to a massive cock up of failing to test my thyroid levels, despite taking blood every 3 months to monitor medication levels, to the point that my TSH is 11 but should be lower than 1.

Also the endocrinologist’s letter about changing my dose to 150mg of thyroxine was input as 50mg so unbeknown to me I’ve been on the wrong dose for 18 months. I get dosette trays prepared so never see the prescription or the box of drugs, I just see the colour and number of drugs through the windows and take them at the right time. I’m so distressed!

Does anyone have any tips to help with burning pain as I haven’t slept in weeks. I’m also contemplating paying to see a private dermatologist and see if he could effectively do a pre-emptive strike of injecting the whole scalp with steroids in the hope of arresting the progress of hair loss and saving what hair I have left. What does anyone think of this? I am just being ridiculous because I’m so desperate?

Many thanks,


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Hi Alex, i'm really sorry to hear about your hair loss. I'll do my best to try and help answer some of your questions.

In regards to the pain, burning sensation - this is something that is often reported with Alopecia. The feeling can range for different people. Some have reported that a cold compress can help or taking and antihistamine to help with the inflammation. If neither of these things seem to help i would suggest discussing with your GP as they may be able to prescribe some steroid creams or tablets that may be able to help.

The difficulty with any type of alopecia is that currently there is no cure, what works for some doesn't always work for others. And there are many stories and questions without answer.

With the scabbing i'm afraid it's not really something i have heard of, you may wish to see a Dermatologist that has a specialist interest in hair loss. They don't necessarily have any more treatment options but can sometimes have a broader depth of knowledge as they have seen many cases. Some of these do private appointments, some NHS -

They may not offer all over steroid injections as this is often only applied to small areas however there may be steroids or DCP treatment that they have not tried.

It also sounds like your Thyroid medication needs to be sorted and its disappointing to hear they've been giving you the wrong dose. Thyroid can sometimes have an affect on hair loss but it is not always as simple as one thing unfortunately.

If you are able i would recommend joining our closed Facebook group, it is a lot more active than our HealthUnlocked page and there will be lots of others with alopecia who are able to share their personal experiences and support with you -

I hope some of these links prove helpful.

Kind regards,

Naomi (Alopecia UK)


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