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can you have eyebrow tattooing on nhs

my daughter has a lot of stress and for as long as I can remember she has had "no eyebrows" I don't know why maybe it is the stress or something else she has no confidence and is afraid of anyone finding out she has non as she pencils them on every day and is terrified they have smudged off. She has been on holiday and wont swim, sits in shade in case she sweats and they come off. Wont answer the door to anyone unless she has done them and worst of all to me as a mum she has always been a single Mum and wont go out to meet people she says who wants to see her in the morning! this upsets me so much can anything be done on NHS. When I retired 5 years ago I paid for her to have them tattooed at a salon and it was so expensive but they have come off and the line is a funny pink colour I cant afford to pay again.

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I am surprised that tattooed eye brows have come off, they usually fade a bit but last a long time, unless there were semi permanent, you could try the Primary Care Trust in your area to see if there is any financial help, even if you get a prescription for wigs, you still have to pay about £60 towards them, I think it is, so I doubt if you can get any help with tattooed eye brows, its really not good enough that sufferers of a such a condition cant get any financial help. Maybe you could also try something through your doctor as your daughter is suffering so badly with this rotten condition. Best of luck


thank you so much for taking time to reply. I found this site by accident as my daughters problem is always on my mind I want her to be happier. She thinks it is something no one will be interested in and look on it as a cosmetic whim - its not. p.s. you are right I should have said her eyebrows had faded which they have to a faint pinky colour she couldn't go out with them that colour as she has very icy blue eyes and pale skin. She also suffers with hair loss she is scared to wash it as it comes out if she is not very gentle and she has very short stubby eyelashes. I think I might try to get her to the GP. failing this if I could borrow the money can you have them tattooed twice?


It doesnt really matter how she washes her hair, if she has alopecia is a problem inside not out. There is a brilliant site for fellow sufferers with people with masses of experience, tips suggestions etc, its the Alopecia UK Online Forum, I found it a few years ago and I have had this condition for many years, get your daughter to check it out, its a great place to ask questions, and the people that use it have a huge amount of knowledge. Its also great because the people that are on know where your daughter is coming from. Best of luck, but please get her to check the site out.


thank you for your reply with this problem we seem to have been positioned on the Alopecia site - we don't know that this problem is alopecia could it be something else?


Eyebrow tattooing needs to be re-done every 8-12 months as they fade.

never heard of it being done on the NHS.

I'm sorry your daughter is upset about her appearance and the effect it is having on her life style, but it may be something more than just her eyebrows.

it may be worth considering seeing someone for counseling to get to the root of the problem.


I have lost one eyebrow and find Stila eyebrow pen useful. You can draw eyebrows on in individual thin lines like hairs, it looks much more realistic than an eyebrow pencil and is all waterproof although I have tested that but it does stay on all day. I order it online from M&S.


Hi There,

I hope you have managed to solve your daughter problem with the eyebrows, but if you still need help, please feel free to contact us.

We are a clinic based in Glasgow and every Friday we offer free Paramedical Tattooing for sufferers of Alopecia, those recovering from Cancer (including Areola & Nipple reconstruction), and other health conditions.

Our contact is 07450480814 and email glasgow@remakeup.org

You can see our website as well @ remakeup.org

I really hope you don't need us at all, as it would mean your daughter problem is solved, but if not, and we can be of assistance, please do get in touch.

Warm Regards,

Cristina Bernardino


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