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Annual Weekend: We have chosen the location!

We have chosen the location of this year's Annual Get Together Family Weekend. After our poll last year, you told us that you wanted the Weekend to take place in London & the South-East.

This year, we have decided to hold our Annual Weekend in Uckfield, East Sussex. The hotel is the East Sussex National, known for its relaxing and glorious setting. It is close to 1100 acres of English countryside, where nearby A. A. Milne found inspiration for his Winnie The Pooh stories. There may also be lots of fun with the children too with the Drusillas Animal Park nearby.

If you would like to find more about the hotel:

This year, the Weekend will also be held from August 30 to September 1 to allow as many children and young people to attend - as it is during the summer break. It will also be for two days and two nights as so many of you wanted.

We will send you an email shortly to ask you to book your place at this year's Annual Weekend. I hope you will all be pleased with the decision to host this year's Annual Weekend in Uckfield, East Sussex in August.

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