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VLCFA and the ALD gene - or, can men be carriers?

Hello everyone.

My father had ALD running in his family. His two uncles, his mother (at old age) and two of his brothers were all affected.

My father was unaffected. A VLCFA test he took showed normal values. He died in his early 50's without ever showing signs of the disease.

I (his daughter) am about to have my first child soon I would like to find out whether my father's VLCFA test results mean that he was not carrying the ALD gene (then, in my turn, I have nothing to worry about), or, is it possible that he was still carrying the gene even though he himself was unaffected? Can men be ALD carriers?


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Men who have AMN are carriers. They only have one X- chromosome, the one where the defect is. Any boys that the man has will be unaffected by AMN and will not be carriers.

Conversely, any girl that the man has will ALWAYS receive one X chromosome from him. She will ALWAYS therefore be a carrier.

This web site explains most of what we know about AMN and ALD

So, if your father had AMN you would be a carrier. You say he was tested for VLCFA and was clear. If he had the faulty gene then the VLCFA test would show it, for sure. So you should be pretty reassured that you are not a carrier.

But, given the history in your family you might want to get a genetic test done on yourself. And you can also insist on a test on your child once he or she has arrived.

You should also discuss this with your doctor.

Best wishes



You got your dads y chromosome not the x that is why you are female ald is a x linked genetic disorder you would need to get a bad x from your mother in order to be a carrier


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