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Neuro Physio

Four weeks ago I started on what I thought would be a waste of time after numerous physio sessions,my current regime is more of pilates less of impact exercise which was always a problem with balance issues,everthing is focused around core abdominal muscles and hip flexors which are responsible for balance,also stretching of the hamstrings to help with the tightness of the legs and help with rigidity, its a long road ahead but I'm giving it 100% and have noticed a very slight improvement in my my mobility although my gait is far from normal my balance is improving, I will continue to work at it and keep you posted with anything that may be of interest or helpful.

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Thank you for sharing Dy1 an. I am really sorry to read about your balance issues. I am however really glad to see that you are getting involved in improving your balance via exercising. Please keep us updated with your health.


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