Parents of ALD Newborns

Who we are!

This forum is moderated by Janis Sherwood and Elisa Seeger who worked hard to get newborn screening implemented so that no family has to experience the loss and devastation that they experienced because of late diagnosis. Kerri, Kelly and Tara are a few of the moms whose boys were diagnosed since screening began. We are all here to offer our support and answer your questions.

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Can I strongly encourage all the parents of an ALD baby to contact this group as the benefits will be enormous. As an Aussie Dad I know these amazing women and they know all sides of your future road whether they be the potholes of early discovery to the smooth concrete of knowing that your journey is full of hope,promise and favourable outcomes. The resources they have including other mums snd dads is invaluable and freely coated in love. Please share with them❤️

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