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Fancy Volunteering here on HealthUnlocked with AFMCG to help moderate our community?

Hello Members. 😃

AFMCG would like to recruit some volunteers ! 😀

If you live in & around Andover or within a 20 mile radius this may be a volunteer opportunity for you ? Home based volunteering which adds to your CV & experiences. May be suitable for all but maybe more so for those who have moderate IT & forum experience.(not necessary as guidance will be given)

You will obviously require access to a Computer of some kind & internet fairly regularly to help out in this role. If you live with these conditions you will also benefit from being part of the community as you can talk to others living with Fibromyalgia and/or ME/SEID providing help and advice from reputable websites plus support to one another

NB ideally looking for around 5 to 6 people doing this volunteer work within a team 😃

If you are interested please can you private message me for more details.

Many Thanks

Emma :)

AFMCG Founder

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Hi Emma, it's Caroline just been having a look around the site, and happy I'm to help.

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That's fantastic news - Welcome to our AFMCG HealthUnlocked community! :)

I am sure the other members appreciate you giving up your time to help out too.

Emma ;)

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