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Ablation pre op

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Hi all. Going to hospital this morning for a pre op This will be my 1st ablation. What happens at the pre op ? And how long after will I get my appointment for the ablation usually? Appointment at 11. Got work at 1

Is that giving enough time ?

Cheers all

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Hi there, You don’t usually have a preop unless you have a confirmed op date a few days later. They just do bloods and few tests to make sure your fit for the op.

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Lenlec in reply to AfibofFleet

Cheers. I havnt had my ablation app yet and I need to take the abixapan for 4 weeks before apparently?

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AfibofFleet in reply to Lenlec

Oh yes that’s right you need to on Apixaban for a time before the op to ensure there aren’t any clots. Good luck.. I certainly got my life back after ablation. I get tired, have arrhythmia but I play tennis, cycle etc without worry of going into AF.

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Buffafly in reply to AfibofFleet

Pre op results are valid for several weeks.

Good luck today. Hope all goes well

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Generally a chat from the arrhythmia nurse who will expllain what happens and some tests plus likely give you the Hibiscrub for pre ablation shower etc. Read these two fact sheets on preparing for and recovering from ablation please as they will help you no end.



How long have you been anticoagulated? This might indicate when the procedure will take place.

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Lenlec in reply to BobD

Hi Bob i havnt started the abixapan yet she said start 4 weeks before the op

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Lenlec

Then start now. The longer the better and why waste an opportunity for a cancellation?

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Palpman in reply to BobD

Links not working. The first one does nothing. The second one says check spelling.The link posted by Tracy below works fine.

Copying your link to a new page works though.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Palpman

Thanks, missed an h out of top one but bottom worked and now both do.

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Wishing you all the best ! You may find our 'Recovering from an Ablation' factsheet helpful for advice on recovering from the procedure heartrhythmalliance.org/afa...

I had a cataract pre op even though I was told the wait was 18months minimum. However they must have put me on a priority cancellation list because I got a phone call to come in at very short notice a few weeks later. My ablation appointment was also at very short notice thanks to cancellation so I had it two months earlier than expected. I was told if I refused the offer I would be removed from the cancellation list so be prepared!

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Buffafly in reply to Buffafly

Best wishes 💜

Hi all had my pre op. ECG. Blood tests ans a long chat to the nurse. Told me to take a Abixapan for at least a month before the ablation. I asked for a choice of 2 doctors to do my ablation who were recommended. No mention of shaving cleaning etc. Just got to wait now for the letter. Faisal osman and mr panikker from Coventry hospital I’ve asked for. Cheers

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Ducky2003 in reply to Lenlec

I am under Dr Yusuf and had hoped he would be doing mine in April but I was assigned Dr Panikker. Two things to note, if you specify which Dr you want to do the procedure, they will try and accommodate that to a degree but if you are offered it with someone else and turn it down, you will be dropped down the list (This is UHCW so other trusts may be different) and I had 3 changes of EP within 4 days of the ablation as they reassigned Dr Yusuf and Prof Osman to some more tricky/urgent cases that had come in. Also, it is quite likely that your chosen EP will not actually do the procedure himself but will assist a registrar in training. This happened with me. Dr Panniker observed and guided whilst a registrar, Dr Lim actually did the procedure. Just didnt want you to think your request was a done deal.

Best of luck.

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Lenlec in reply to Ducky2003

I would wait tbh. I want the person possible operating on my heart

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Ducky2003 in reply to Lenlec

I know what you're saying but all the EPs at UCHW are all renowned and, as I said there can be last minute changes and more than likely, a trainee will probably do the ablation itself. Also, it used to be 2 refusals and they remove you from the list entirely ......... not sure if that's still the case as I was happy to have mine done rather than keep ending up in hospital.

Just so you're aware how things can pan out.😊.

best wishes :)

I never had a pre op just had a five minute telephone consultation to put me on the waiting list for an ablation then 77 weeks later a phone call giving me details of ablation date and I turned up at 7 am that morning nothing in between

No pre op for me. I was just told to pitch up in a weeks time and stop my Flecainide 5 days beforehand. Soap and Covid test came after 2 days.

Can't wait and I'm actually exited with having something to do.

Hey I hope that the op went well?Just a little side effect I got the next day and for at least 2 weeks ......I would get a blurred vision like looking thru a vase effect ..... it was very freaky and scary..... the only thing that got me thru was that I had read of similar experiences from guys on this website. When I told my cardiologist he rushed me hospital as he thought I was having a stroke. All good I didn’t and was fine.... so I sat down with my doc and showed him the experiences other patients had post os like me.... he was amazed and now advises his patients that they may experience this weird vision side effect.

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