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Habitual coffee consumption may lower risk for irregular heartbeat

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This might be of interest to some of you.


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Cue another study saying the exact reverse.

Remember when most plates were pewter people thought tomatoes were poisonous because of the lead they disolved and people consumed.

interesting but I stopped caffeine after my first massive AF attack and the football match effect in my chest never occurred again-- although AF did!

If there is anything where the AF patients have been unique about, it is a bad influence of coffee on arrhythmia. There actually is a health problem, where the coffee has positive influence, but it is opposite to AF, it is Fibromyalgia...

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CDreamer in reply to SteelHeart

Someone posted a study recently which demonstrated that they could identify who would be sensitive to caffeine and who not. I can drink a good espresso no problem but a cup of instant coffee granules has an immediate affect so I believe it’s also about the coffee type, the quality and any chemicals used in processing.

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SteelHeart in reply to CDreamer

When elderly, our nervous nods seem to be at the very brink of normal functioning, so no wonder that literally anything can bring them out of balance, including coffee. I avoided coffee for decades, having always had the cramp in the chest after a cup of it, but lately started having one cup in the morning, searching for something to wake me up and to accelerate the processes in the body. So far, no bad results and it seems to work...

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CDreamer in reply to SteelHeart

I do similar and as long as I only drink in the morning and never after noon, no problems.

Oh how our ways have had to change. My grandmother used to say that old age wasn’t for the feint of heart - as with so many things I’m only appreciating how many truths she spoke.

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john6 in reply to CDreamer

Undoubtedly imo, demonstrated by getting a headache with Kenco but no reaction with coffee from say Costa or Nero etc.

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Windlepoons in reply to john6

I drink instant, but a good one. Gold Blend Barista coffee. Just one in the morning but its a half pint mug. It doesn't produce any ill effects for me thank goodness. 😊

The Mayo Clinic recommends for Fibromyalgia...Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods. Do not use tobacco products. Limit your caffeine intake. Do something that you find enjoyable and fulfilling every day. Why do they say that if caffeine has a positive influence?All the best


Because Fibromyalgia is inflammatory and coffee beans are very high in anti-inflammatory chemicals such as poly phenols - so there are 2 sides to the story - it’s not the caffeine that has the good stuff in fact if you drink tea you will probably consume more caffeine in tea than in one small cup of coffee per day, but fizzy drinks such as Colas are probably the worst.

So decaf is the best option? All the best.


Not for me, far worse unless it’s naturally decaffeinated and that is always very expensive coffee. It’s the chemicals used to take the caffeine out of the coffee which cause the difficulty. The amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee is likely to be quite small so when I stick to one cup per day before noon I have no problems.

Not so sure that one cup is a low quantity because I used to race a guy who enhanced his performance using one or two cups of coffee and he was the world champion in his class. (and still is at the age of 60) Last time I raced him at the BHPC World Championships in 2018 he cycled at an average of 40 mph for 3 hours!

I'm very sensitive to caffeine and if I have one cup after lunch I'll be awake until 5.00 am.

All the best.


And there’s the difference some are very sensitive to caffeine whilst others use it for performance enhancers with impunity.

Sorry not to have seen your comment earlier. Here the link:


The article may be of interest for people dealing with Fibro...

I was sure that coffee, not caffeine, triggered AF. I haven't had any coffee for 24 years. Nor have I had soya, except in small quantities in chocolate, etc. My AF is now permanent, but I continue to stay off both. I consume caffeine in tea and cola without any apparent effect.

Before we all rush to Costa. The last para. "However, since the study did not include adults with previous diagnosis of arrhythmia. It remains unclear if coffee consumption could aggravate atrial or ventricular ectopy".So as with all things I'll stick with moderation. It's only 45 mins away from my one cup a day. And boy do I savour it.

Well, as usual, everyone has a different afib afib experience. Age, diet, fitness, other medical conditions. For myself, I can drink decaf all day long ( I don't) as it has no effect on my BP or HR. I gave up regular and espresso on the side of caution. It has been decades since I last tried decaf, and I spat it out if was so horrid. It would seem they have perfected the taste and texture. Honestly I wouldn't know the difference. Case in point...my wife drinks regular, and we use a Keurig, so pods for both. We use the same pods...the 100% recyclable type, so they look identical. Typically, whomever gets up first grabs pods of both and puts them in front of the machine. Well one day, I was distracted by the dogs, and popped one of hers in....never even noticed until I took it out of the machine. I looked at my watch...nope...not increase in HR...went and threw the cuff on to check BP... slightly higher...140/90 but nothing to call 911 over. So interesting accidental home experiment. Epilogue...I mentioned this to my doc, and he said it's up to me if I want to switch back to regular, but know what? I love my decaf...IMHO it tastes better than my old regular...which I loved. 🙂

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