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Vaccine and anticoagulants


Bearing in mind the several posts already about this subject and the protential for miss-information and miss-understanding I have requested a definitive answer to this question from our medical advisor(s). It does seem to be much to do about nothing (sorry Will) but best to be sure.


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Best way forward Bob - thank you.

Good stuff 👍 As with most of the governments advice lately Bob, seems no clear info comes from the authority's , which is strange as they seem to have solid knowledge in offering ambivalent little pricks.

Thank you!

Thank you Bob. I was quite perturbed when I heard the item on Andrew Marr and reading all the posts this morning has reassured but it would be great to get a definitive medical response.

Thank you for that Bob😊 it would be good to have 'official ' clarification ,

I saw the programme in question,...

..went to the link suggested by the person being interviewed who was the Head of MHRA June Raine, read it and posted a link in a thread on here (as did others) for the benefit of those who had not read the information in the link and I quote it again below....


'COVID-19 vaccination programme Information for healthcare practitioners

Republished December 2020 Version,

Administering COVID-19 vaccine to individuals taking anticoagulants.

Individuals on stable anticoagulation therapy, including individuals on warfarin who are up-to-date with their scheduled INR testing and whose latest INR was below the upper threshold of their therapeutic range, can receive intramuscular vaccination. If in any doubt, consult with the clinician responsible for prescribing or monitoring the individual’s anticoagulant therapy. ''

end quote ]

I don't profess to be particularly intelligent but I do try to apply common sense and to me that quote it quite clear when it says says if you take an anticoagulant that requires INR testing and are up to date/stable/below the upper threshold and stable you can receive an intramuscular injection. If in doubt ask your doctor .

Nothing there that is difficult to understand or to be worried about as far as I am concerned. I would be first in the queue for the vaccination if I could be.

I will post a link to the quote but not sure it will work ....


It seems so many people find it so difficult to follow instructions , I went to my GPs surgery recently to have a blood test and outside there was a board giving clear concise instructions on the procedure to follow which was ....

enter the porch/sanitise your hands using the preparation on the table/log in on the console to announce your arrival/sanitise your hands again/wait outside to be called. People were milling around without masks saying 'what do I do' .

I dread to think how two doses of vaccine are going to be successfully administer to millions of people when so many people seem incapable of following simple instructions.

On a 'questions about the vaccine' on BBC News this morning the doctors were asked if it was safe to have it when you were on blood thinners. I thought the one who answered rather missed the point in that she said there were no adverse drug reactions. What would have been more helpful might have been reassurance that the intra-muscular jab would be fine apart from those on anticoagulants with more severe bleeding problems. Most of us have no problems at all.

It all remains to be seen

Here is the link from the extract posted by Doodle68 above:assets.publishing.service.g...

See page 15.

It seems very straightforward and clear to me. Intramuscular injection is standard for other vaccinations as well including flu.

Thank you

Thanks Bob. As well as anticoagulants, there's the question about the Pfizer vaccine and allergies. I must not take dronedarone or amiodarone and I'm clinically extremely vulnerable. Hopfully, a senior Consultant in Communicable Disease Control can give me some guidance in a BBC Radio phone-in on Monday. I'm happy to have the vaccine, but I don't think my local hospital will wan't me back again (Frequent flyer miles?)

Hi, I had my covid vaccination yesterday. No issues with bleeding at all. The only people not recommended to have it are pregnant/breastfeeding women or anyone with severe drug or food allergy which has resulted in an anaphylactic reaction.

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