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Ablation all done!


Well! It was a piece of cake! Got to Papworth at 7.30 am and they said I would go down at 10 am. Cardiologist came to see me at 9.50 and said they would do it under sedation rather than General anaesthetic as planned (this was because I'd been able to tolerate the anticoagulants so did not need the toe). I was horrified but it was fine . It was weird getting a pain in the face every time they 'croy-ed' me!

By 11.30 it was done, by 1.30 I was scoffing a sandwich! I would have been ready to leave at 3.30 but a bleed in the thigh slowed the discharge down.

Feel great! Groin very sore but apart from a bit tired (two worried nights) I'm fine! They even said I could exercise after 48 hours, but I think I'll stick to my plan of two weeks rest and then gentle return!

Papworth are awesome esp after my terrible local experience in August and March!

Thanks for all your good wishes, very nice and supportive.

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Great news, glad it went well!

Something that caught me out the first few days of recovery were the migraines / auras - from my understanding these are normal so don’t be surprised if it happens. Other than that take plenty of rest! Keep us posted!

Hello did they put u on many drugs? Which ones. After my ablation I am on: Protonix

Amiodorone carafate. And still warfarin

I'm still on all my drugs for three months. I'm quite happy though because, despite the terrifying potential side effects, I'm tolerating amiadarone well esp now dose is down to 100 mg. EP said amiadarone helps healing and arrythmia nurse said it helps natural rhythm to 'stick' . It means I dont have to take a betablocker and they made me feel permanently tired so that's brilliant. I'm also on 2.5 mcg of apixaban twice per day. I'm tolerating that well at the moment.

After the traumas of the last 10 months (two nasal ups to stop nosebleeds, two bouts of six weeks of afib, two cardioversions and now the ablation) I feel as well as I have done since before that. Just a bit u fit and flabby!

They are going to review it all in three months. Hope yours continues to go well,.

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I had a similarly positive? experience with Papworth in August of last year. Although my symptoms leading up to the ablation were relatively mild and they failed to reproduce them in the first half of the ablation procedure the procedure itself was completed satisfactorily and I was released the same day. I had to take it easy for a few days but when I had confidence the incision had healed adequately i pretty well returned to normal. I did leave my return to the gym for 2+ weeks. Like you I was told to keep taking my meds for the 3 months up to the follow up (Bisoprolol and Apixaban) . As I believed my lower back pain was related to the meds I was keen to come off them ASAP (I subsequently confirmed the back pain had no relation to the meds!). My point is that I had to wait considerably longer than 3 months for my follow up. I chased as my fear was I had been forgotten. I was advised over the phone I could come off my meds, which I did after 3 months. 2 months and several calls later I received a date for the follow up which, as a result of the lock down, took place by telephone more than 6 months after the procedure. I am not complaining as I feel privileged to have been the recipient of an excellent NHS service. I have had only minor symptoms (ectopics) subsequent to the procedure and things have largely returned to normal. If your post ablation symptoms remain minor and you can wait for the excellent wheels of Papworth to turn then that is fine but be prepared to wait much longer than the 3 months anticipated. If not, don't feel frightened to give them a call. They are very helpful. As my follow up was via telephone Papworth want to see me face to face but I anticipate that my be well beyond the 12 month point projected which on balance is fine. Hope things stay positive for you.

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Do you use the arrythmia nurses with any worries. They are Brilliant.

Was your delay because of coronavirus? They said my follow up may be by phone.

Just blood thinners for 3 months then no drugs for me (I only had pill in the pocket prior to the operation).

That's a great outcome. Long may it continue

Well done, it all sounds great!

Onwards and upwards 🌝

So happy for you😁


So pleased to hear that all went well. Yes, you'll be doing the right thing now if you take it easy for a few weeks and gradually build yourself up.


Sounds good but remember the fact sheet was written by patients not doctors who seldom have experience of ablation from the customer side.

Glad to hear all went well, make sure you rest, rest and rest.

Happy things went well! I’m right behind you, I’m having ablation on Friday with only mild sedation as well, which freaks me out. Was told this would take 3 hrs, so hoping it goes as well as yours!

Dont worry, it's easy-peasy! Honestly, I couldnt believe when they said the pipe-/tube was in ready to go, all you feel is a bit of tugging. And everyone so kind too.

I hope it all goes well, let me know and try not to worry (dont you just hate it when people say that?!!)

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Good luck Passionworld. Let us know how you get on today.

This is great news! Just read the leaflet again about recovery after an ablation and (in spite of what you might have been told) take your time.


That’s great news. Thanks fir sharing x

Great!! A perfect time to rest up now too, nothing else to do!! ❤️

Great to hear, I am on the list as well but in Manchester! Let us know how you get on !


Great news. 😊☘️

Good news. Best wishes for a good recovery. I'm on the list in Bristol and just want it done so that I can move on.

So pleased for you that it all went so well. May it continue to work for you and your quality of life improve immeasurably. Great

Great news . Take it easy.

What good news, definitely rest for at least two weeks. So god to hear good news.

Thank you very much. You are all so sweet. Yes, I planned it well since we are all in effect in a sort of convalescence-cum-isolation.

Tired today and a bit stunned. I think all the worrying wore me out more than the procedure! Going to be very good for two weeks Though, like everyone says.

Thank you all xxxxx

What meds did they put u on after the ablation? I am on


Amiodorone carafate .... still on warfarin

Hi yer so glad everything went ok my 17 yr old son is 10 weeks post ablation So far so good this was his 3 rd ablation x

Oh bless him, so young. I'm sure he will make a good recovery though with the advantages of youth. Wish him well xx

Yes Papworth are brilliant. My husband had his cryo 2 years ago. Who did yours ?

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Dr Begley, clinical director no less, lucky me!

Great News, hope the recovery goes smooth

This is great news! Thank you for sharing this. Makes me feel a bit better about Wednesday!

Take it easy. 😊

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Yes, it will be fine. Nothing to it if it goes lime mine. I think I'm so tired today from stress and lack of sleep than the ablation. Groin sore though, but nothing major, no painkillers needed

good for you...my experience 4 weeks ago today, was much the same. I feel great and had no issue to this point.

Great news.

That’s so good to hear, hope you recover well & get back to exercising soon

Thank you.

Glad to hear that. If it goes like mine it is really easy

Thank you. Trying to be sensible. Will wait two weeks before any serious walking, then a month of cycling before I run again, if it all goes to plan.

Great to know. All the best to you.

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