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Any ideas why I feel so out of sorts !


Hi having problems with trapped wind in chest and back right side worse when eating I watch my diet but can't seem to relieve it have tried Rennie Deflatine but no change any one else have this I'm on apixiban bisoprolol amlodipine and atorvastatin and I also have copd recent raised liver enzymes and auto immune was in midst of tests prior to lockdown also bouts of constipation feeling yuk at present

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Probably not a lot of help, but a few glasses of fizzy water can often help to ease trapped wind. With so much going on in the world at the moment, I think most of us often feel the way you describe. Medication can be a factor but you obviously have some conditions which require ongoing treatment but many appear to get benefit from seeking diversions to focus on during these difficult times........I assume you are currently confined to barracks until June so none of this is easy, hang in there, best wishes.....

Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good.

Last night I had the same as you, but on my left side. I had to sit up for a while, as it was worse when lying in bed. I'd taken some tablets with water and I believe that triggered it.

Have you tried eating your food slower and chewing it more? Sometimes just this small thing can help. If we eat fast (I plead guilty), we often don't give our bodies a chance to bring up wind. I'd also avoid fatty foods and those containing vinegar for a while to see if that helps. A few months ago I started taking magnesium tablets again, they have always made my stomach a little sore and I feel I need to stop taking them for a while too. Do you take magnesium? I think as we grow older, bringing up trapped wind does become more difficult.

If the situation doesn't right itself soon, there would be no harm in having a chat with your GP on the phone and asking his advice.


We are meant to chew each mouthful of food 32 times😕 sit up straight don’t slump. When taking medication drink water slowly while standing up

Remember our stomachs don’t have teeth. The slower you eat you also eat less.

Hope you manage to feel better as it’s horrible to be full of wind.

Bless you.

Try eating your main meal at lunch time and have walk a couple of hours later if you can. Your digestive system finds gravity useful and a 'constitutional' should get everything moving. Head up, shoulders back and off you go. Well it's worth a try ?

They do say to make sure you don't eat close to bed time I think the advice is not to eat any closer than 4 hours before bedtime - especially if you are likely to have problems. Also check on any medications you have that you are taking them correctly as in before, after or with food and if they mention taking them at particular times - such as 12 hours between doses. This can make a difference. I once had strong antibiotics for a chest infection which said they should be taken half an hour before food and I had to take 4 times a day so a bit of juggling with meal times - believe me if i misjudged by just 5 minutes I had dreadful heartburn. Other than that all the rest of the advice above is good but my wife found drinking ginger ale or ginger tea made from boiling fresh ginger grated into water and boiling and adding honey or sugar to taste or chewing crystallized ginger helped too.

hope something has helped you.

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