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A Bear in the house oh my!


Im trying to make this a fib related(😉) I want to introduce you to the newest member of our family, 8 wk old Bear, who is a german shepherd. Let us say he is my unofficial therapy dog, lol. As all us a fibbers know, reducing anxiety is huge in fighting back the a fib battle. We wont even mention the current events we are all facing, that keeps me glued to the anxiety producing news. So what ever we can find that is good for our minds, we need to pursue it. For me, it is a puppy. Our two older dogs here would have preferred I choose gardening or needle point, lol. Needless to say, ol Bear has turned our quiet house upside down for awhile and Im loving it💜. May we all take a deep breath and look around us and count our blessings, big and small.

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Methinks Bear is gonna be a very lucky boy!!

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😉. He is missing his momma and does alot of crying but hoping he will be a happy boy soon. Our older female schnauzer is trying to mother him. It’s funny to watch.

He's a cutie pie. Give him a biscuit from me and a wuff wuff grrrrr.


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Will do💜

Beyond cuddly Hoski - you are right about a pet reducing anxiety. I have just taken my 9-year old Border Collie for her field walk and she looked at the sunshine and grass, sniffed and started dancing around like a puppy. 'Twas a joy to see.

Enjoy your new addition to the family.

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Lovely post - I am sick to death of CV anxiety (don't need reminders) and AF problems (which suddenly don't seem so important anymore) so I have moved over to Facebook where my friends are posting jokes, distracting activities (replace the end of a film title with the words 'toilet paper' anyone?) and cute pics of their dogs and cats. Thank you 💕

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Oh Hoski you lucky person... :-) every AFer should have a dog to encourage excercise and to calm anxiety with stroking.

My dog is my shadow and an invaluable friend even when I am in AF and lay on the floor to do breathing excercise which she thinks is an invitaion to play and to nibble my ears :-)

Enjoy your puppy and I wish you many happy years together ......

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Thankyou so much! Im laughing at myself as potty training today consists of me putting on my raincoat, mud boots and tromping around in the rain with Bear as our older dogs wont even go outside in the hard rain. My activity is definitely increasing, lol.

Singing 'Let it Go' by the Beatles might help if you sing it to Bear during potty training Hoski (-: Don't confuse the song with 'Let it Be' as it could have a negative effect.

Just saying (-;


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I will try that!!! Good thing we have no neighbors that might call the authorities to haul me off

Congratulations and welcome Bear! Enjoy

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He is gorgeous. I wish we had one.

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I have to b careful he doesnt trip me up, lol.

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Yes I know. When they are small it is so easy to trip over them. He looks so gorgeous.

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Thankyou! He is a character

He's absolutely gorgeous, oh I want one!!!

Hoski, Bear is beautiful, I am sure your house will settle soon enough and the others will become quite protective of Bear.

Must say, our house is quite a different place without our Torty cat, TP, a couple of weeks ago.


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Yes, our pets become beloved family members pretty quickly.

Repeat to self - I cannot have another dog, I cannot have another dog...

Just lovely!

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I know... when I got the “ puppy itch” I advised my hubby to discourage me... he didnt, so I did. The pup is definitely helping me thru this virus situation.

Yes. My little dog I share with my family has been the best therapy ever. For grief and AF. Enjoy your bear 🐻

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Will do. Dogs are mans and womens best friend

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Yes indeedy.

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