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Decaf Tea has helped my AF


Hi everybody,

Before Christmas, I had a cup of quite strong coffee, which set my AF off almost continuously for a few weeks. It made me wonder if the tea I was drinking might have an influence on it (I do drink loads of tea). I changed to decaf and within a couple days had NO AF. Since then, I have stuck to decaf and have only had the odd bit of missed beats since. Feeling so much better, can walk more, climb stairs etc.

I do hope that this post helps some of you.

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Will try decaf... 🙂

I have done the same thing sparkie - every little helps. Thank you for posting.

Hi sparkie, you might like to try Redbush tea it's naturally caffeine free & supposedly good for us. Tastes very like normal tea unlike herbal tea

Thank you, will do. I am sorry it has, taken so long to get back to you, I thought my post had been deleted, then just saw, the little bell.

sparkie50 Would you mind telling me which brand you are using?

Hi Jean, sorry it has been so long, could not find the replies and thought my post had been banned!! I enjoy the Yorkshire Tea, with a blue band. Hope it helps you too. Best regards Sheila.

Good for you Sparkie ;-)

Have you tried green tea - it's supposed to be good for you and tastes OK. Must admit I'm a coffee addict and a cup (or two) in the morning doesn't affect me - I know it does for some though.

Tea's the same - I neck 4 or 5 everyday. However I would knock it on the head if it caused any problems no worries.


sparkie50 in reply to Paulbounce

Thank you, will try Green tea. Again, sorry this took so long. S

I went to decaf tea when I was diagnosed a couple of years ago.

The best I think: Yorkshire Tea blue, the Tetley Decaf and then M&S decaf.

Don’t even try overpriced Clipper!

Totally agree.. Thank you. S

Yes I had to switch to decaf. I like Clipper tea organic decaf. Supposed to be no nasties used during the processing. Whatever they may be.

I avoid all caffeine - my AF always get worse if I take it.

For me, caffeine is definitely a trigger. I only ever drink decaf tea and coffee. To be honest, it doesn’t taste any different to normal tea and coffee. I use PG tips decaf.


sparkie50 in reply to Mrsvemb

Thank you..

I’ve not recognized coffee as a trigger, but last Sunday while enjoying my usual 2nd cup, an episode began. Now it’s tea for me instead of coffee. So far so good.

sparkie50 in reply to SMRM

I have found I can drink decaf coffee now too, Kenco with a green lid seems nice.

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